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1999 Ford F-150 (5 Reviews)
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Bought my 1999 f-150 4x4 12 years ago with 50, 000 miles now it has 345, 000 , love this truck great truck . Had the transmission go out about 9 months ago.
I bought my 5.4 in 2002 or 2003 with 48,000 miles on it. It has 212,000 miles on it now. It has been a great truck, original motor and transmission. Have had alternators, starters, radiator and right rear axle replaced and the notorious odometer light comes on and off but besides that it has really done well
My F-150 XLT is a 1999 with a 4.6 liter V-8, 4x4. It has 190,000 miles on it. I have had only and electrical ploblem with the wipers and the odemeter light. It has been a great truck over the last 11 years and has very reliable.
I bought my 99 Ford F150-4.6L V8 new. Over all it still runs great. I had to replace the right side head gasket at 60,000 miles, after the Ford warranty ran out. I have only 87,000 miles on it. 4x4 still works great. Replaced front brakes on it at 80,000 miles. Air conditioner was not as cold as day one, so I had too recharge the system. Cost, $20.00, and feels like new again. Ford did replace the cruise control switch under a recall, something about Ford's catching fire under the hood. The windshield wipers come on even in the off position. I had to pull the fuse for the interior/exterior lights, it will not shut off on it's own. Truck started to stall out while coming to a stop. I had too have the I.A.C. cleaned out. The mechanic advised me too start using Sea Foam to keep these parts clean. My advise to all, take your vehicle to an independent mechanic and have them look it over before the warranty runs out. Then take it to the dealer and point out these flaws and have them fix it, like oil leaks and such.
135K miles over 10+ years and all I have ever replaced has been the alternator, power steering pump and a window actuator. (All of these after it hit 115K miles) Still looks good and drives great. Now I think I do need a new AC compressor or maybe just a clutch before summer rolls in. overall, the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.