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1998 Ford F-150 (9 Reviews)
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I have a 1998 f150 Lariat 5.4 auto trans I was planing on buying a wrecked 2002-04 with a 5.4 and trade out the motor and trans would I have to change anything else like on board computer and so on. Thanks
I still have my 1998 F-150 that I bought brand new in July of that year. It's a 4x4 cab and a half with tow package and a 5.4 L motor. I have been very lucky with this truck. I change the oil myself every 3k to 5k miles using Valvoline oil. This truck has 242,000 miles on it. The only repairs have been the steering wheel shaft that connects to the gearbox because for some reason the steering developed a lot of play in it. I had the ball joints replaced at about 170,000 miles, the alternator at about 190,000 miles, a rebuilt a/c compressor at 210,000 miles,a new gas tank with bands that made the tank leak and a new muffler at 220,000 miles. This truck has the original heater hoses and water pump which amazes me. The cooling system was flushed once at about 160k miles along with the transmission fluid being changed. This truck has more than paid for itself. Either I am really lucky or am enjoying the benefits of treating my truck with respect and care over the years. This truck has never left me stranded. You know what they say, If you take care of it, it will take care of you.
I have a 1998 f-150. 120,000 miles on it. I have replaced fuel tank and straps, alt, belts, both front & rear wheel bearing, exhaust from cat back, both headers,brakes all the way around. The body is disappearing fast the rocker panels are the worst and the panels behind the rear wheels. all the suspension in the front has been replaced (upper and lower control arms,tie rod ends,bushings. both rear spring shackles and spring hangers have been replaced due to rust. the trans sometimes slips on a cold start up. The engine runs great and has been a fairly reliable truck. I guess the biggest down fall of the f-150 is the way is rusts so fast.
I bought my F150 new in 1998. The truck get 15 to 17 MPG, the window sticker said 19 to 21. @ 50K I felt the trans slip. Took it to trans shop and they informed me that I must change the fluid every 30K and keep it a quart over full. I did as instructed and no trans problems at 200K. @ 100K the front end made squealling noise and started wearing tires. I had one ball joint fixed for $500 that helped for a few months then the noise came back. I found a web site that stated all the ball join, tire rods and wheel hubs ( bearings ) need replacing. It cost six hundred in parts and I did the work my self. The truck drove like new. All but one of the dash light are now burned out. The heater switch broke at about 110K. Ford wanted About $450 for the part. Every ford at the junk yard had them removed. I took the motor out and stuck a metal rod in the whole and adjust it manually. The doors have rust on the bottom inside edge and the rear chrome bumper is nearly rusted completely out from the inside.
The windsheild wiper trans broke, I thought, however after taking it apart I found that Ford had left a set screw out. I just replaced it. The thing that worries me the most is my 4.6 liter V8 has fouled all 4 of the spark plugs, on the passenger side. The four plugs on the driver side look good. I change the plugs it took me six hours. Several of the knobs, mirror knob, windsheild wiper knob have broken off. The exhaust is still the original.
its got 211,000,has some little problems,but not nothing major yet
1998 FORD F-150. 171,174,301,308 codes keep coming on I've replace spark plug, spark plug wire, coil, MAF, throttle postion, fuel filter, fuel injectors and the motor was rebuilt a month ago. But the codes keep coming on. Whats the problem?
This truck has been overall the best truck I ever owned. I purchased it in early 2000 when it came off a 2 yr lease from a dealer with 32,000 miles. Up to 84,000 miles I had no significant issues other than standard maintenance. Then, one day coming home from work, the fan pulley assembly simply "Snapped" off the crank. I had to replace the engine with a Ford rebuild for $4,700.00 in late 2002. Although I made an effort to resolve the costs with Ford in Dearborn, MI, it was to no avail. Some mechanics who have looked at the photographs I took of the assembly said it looked like it could have been a bad casting, as the engine itself did not lock up. I have run Mobile 1 full synthetic in the new engine since install.

The continuing issues with the vehicle are the check engine light. I have a diagnostic computer and have replaced the EGR, DPFE, and various hoses for vacuum as well as regular cleaning of the Mass Air fins. I still have to get at one set of lines for the DPFE which are buried up behind the engine. Maybe in the Spring.

Other small issues are the slider pins for the front calipers, they have to be cleaned and thoroughly lubed every year. Repacking the front bearings should be done then too. The wiper transmission just gave up about 160,000 miles and I replaced it. The AC compressor hasn't worked from about 100,000 and I am not fixing it. All the instrumentation bulbs, except for the seat belt and check engine are burned out so I bought an LED cluster to illuminate the panel at night. I replaced the alternator at about 155,000, which isn't too bad for life on an alternator. It got a new starter and king pin at 110,000.

Note that until last year I used to jack this truck up every spring and power wash the underside and spray it down with sealant and paint, so the body is still in pretty fair shape.

Other than that
Bought our F150 Roush edition in 1999 with 40k miles on it. All I have to say is I am so thankful I bought the extended warranty with it. At 42k the transmission went out at 50k the alternator was shot, went through 2 drive shafts and a rear end at 92k. The warranty expired at 94k miles and I havent had another problem with it since. The truck now has 170k miles and starts every morning. No leaks from the 4.6l motor and purs like a kitten. All of this after pulling a 34 ft travel trailer once a month for three years... Thanks Ford for the warranty!