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1997 Ford F-150 (11 Reviews)
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Bought my 1997 Ford F150 XLT 4x4 (Regular cab) new, off the lot, have babied it, kept it waxed and clean inside and out. Body and interior look like new, BUT the entire underneath is rusted out, frame completely rusted in two above the spare tire. Had freeze plug blow out a couple of winters ago...engine had to be pulled to replace it, cost: $1200. It now has only 99,260 original miles on it. Control module is malfunctioning now; windshield wipers, power windows, dome light, and door ajar light all stopped working at once, fuses are all good. Need advice: Which module controls these things?? Dealer wants cost of module ($700) plus labor to replace and re-program module, which I am sure will run well over $1000. If anyone knows which module I need, where it is located on the truck, and if you have a model number to look for that would be fantastic, could you please contact me at . Thank You! Gary
My lariet has 297,000 miles i have had to replace the coils,brakes and rear seal overall it has been a great truck with routine matainence it keeps going and going and going
Fixing 4x4 right now for the first time
Had to have engine replaced at 86,000 mi. due to 4.2 size eng being junk. Transmission problems at 100,000. Complete harness replacement at 70,000. I babied this truck from the day I bought it in 98....with not too much reward.
Bought this Lariat new in 1997. Now, has 101000 miles. Only problem was the heat/ac. Had it fixed for $600. They had to take the whole front panel off. Otherwise, it's been really solid...I love it...I think one of the air bags has broken according to a light on the panel but otherwise...I can count on this baby.
i have 248000 miles on my truck and the only thing i have replaced is the lower ball joint on the driver side this year. it has been a very good truck and always starts up. it is a 1997 four wheel f-150
F150 3 door, small 4.6 L v-8. Terrible gas milage. 12-14mpg, Gas tank completely rusted out, running boards completely rusted out, Frame rusted. Brakes, rotors replaced. Both exhaust manifolds rusted through. Replaced 4 wheel drive motor, Heater'air conditioner controls do not work correctly. cruise control does not work, So far, I have spent over two thou
sand on repairs and no end in sight. Only 127,000 miles on truck. What can I say, and they talk about Toyota. Estimate to replace exhoust manifolds are running in the range of $800 to $2000
Bought thi truck six years ago with 45k miles. Now have 108000.
In 2006 it caught fire in the engine compartment while parked on a city street with the engine off, if not for a bypasser spotting smoke coming from under the hood, it would have burned to the ground.
It cost my insurance co. 4600.00 for repairs. Ford offered nothing although they later had a recall for the same problem.
The AC controls don't work properly and the heater core is leaking.
have owned my 1997 f-150 4x4 for about 7 years and have driven it daily, It now has 225000 miles. The heater/ac air handling has gone haywire 4 times . Reoccurring problems with the some door has been the main problem. Repairs are very expensive because the entire dash panel has be removed (8 hr repair at dealer) Ford blew it on this !!! Other wise i really love my truck
I bought this truck w/ 105,000 miles on it.

Now it has 117,000. Other than the head gaskets replaced by the dealer...and I only had to pay 50.00 on a 1900.00 job...i've had no major problems w/ it. I've pushed it to it's limits and it still holds on. Except now...if I drive the truck constantly (week after week) I go through a full pan of oil in about 700 miles. There is just a minor leak...but don't quite know where it's coming from yet. And the rest is probally being burned by the engine...but the converter is filtering 99% of it before it goes through the straight pipes.