1994 Ford F-150 Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Ford F-150 owners review and rate their 1994 Ford F-150.

1994 Ford F-150 (3 Reviews)
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-Rear spring shackles are made of inferior metal and flake off like biscuits, never had this problem with any vehicles.
-Transmission constantly needs flushing, this is an inherent problem.
-Front coil spring housing is also made of inferior metal and flakes off like a hot buttered biscuit,without any provocation!!
-I have a F150 XLT with two tanks. I have replaced both tanks at a DIY cost of five hundred dollars in fourteen years. The dealers cost of a fuel tank is $500.00 each. The tank should be made of plastic.
-Anyone who has a tow package must be forewarned that the package needs to be removed in order to replace the rear tank.
-The anchors are made of plastic and after several years they harden and break off and the dash begins to rattle.
By far the best car I've ever owned EXCEPT for the electrical system. I've been chasing that gremlin for years. Otherwise, I get better than 20 MPG highway, neither the engine or the transmission has ever given me a problem. The truck has over 150,000 miles on it and still purrs at idle and takes off like a scalded cat when I let her go. I intend to keep her until she rusts to pieces OR I die, which ever comes first. Damn electric just keeps me on my toes...............
I love this truck except it is now giving me problems. I have a heater core that needs replacing, it is the roughest ride ever and always feels like it is in need of a tire balance or something. It has a sweet interior with lots of power. Gas mileage sucks but what can I do? The man and the kids and I drove to Los Angeles (from SF area) and all fit comfortably. Sweet truck for landscaping. Get back to you on the other issues.