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2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (11 Reviews)
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bought my 2002 sport trac new with 7 miles on it. Still have it 13 years later with 279,000 miles on it. She still runs and rides great. I still enjoy my road trips in it today. I truly believe that if you complete the maintenance when it is due, your vehicle will last a good many years.
Ford really messed up taking the sport trac off line in 2010.
Bought my 2002 sport trac new in 2003. love this truck had a few minor issues, first year rear door handles won't open from the inside. second year had to replace mass air flow sensor, 3rd year gas gauge only works once in awhile. I have 120,000 mi. Minor issues until now driving along heard a clunk and the front wheel locked up.
Well first we gave the truck a check up before we left to bc because the truck was said to be doing great. We'll like the 5 day in kamloops, bc are truck u you see the truck was heating up so we looked for somewhere to pull over and we pulled over and droped are radiator bloow up on the one side. So we got it towed to a machine shop ( Canadian Tire)and they told use are transmission was going and we are going to have to wait till the radiator came in entill we could leave so leaves me to this question how is it to fixed the transmission on the truck as everything else works fine it
brakes fail under 5 mph
Follow up. Slave cylinder went. 105,000 so i'm personally pulling tranny and replacing clutch as we speak. Slave cylinder, clutch kit and trans fluid and dot 3 i'm out 400.00 bucks. I will not pay someone 1200 bucks to do it. Still got faith in my girl/truck.
took my 02 sport trac to the stealership this morning for a coolant leak (dont know where the leak was coming from). they replaced the thermostat housing, put new o-ring inside the housing and replaced two rubber hoses for under 200 bucks. but here is the fun part. got charged almost 500 bucks just for labor alone. which means, it took a certified mechanic almost 5 hrs to do the job. a job that would only take 1.5 hrs, tops to do. it cost me an arm and a leg,,, plus,,, two ears,three fingers, one eye. and my motgage for this month. and not be able to pay my mortgage this month???... priceless
I own a 02 sport trac bought used at 60,000 miles. Two problems right rear window works intermittently and big one here slave cylinder on clutch. If you check blogs on the net it's clear. Expensive to fix. Transmission has to be removed to change it, OUCH. So I start it in gear. I'm used to it now. I love the truck though and do maintenance myself. Great truck buy the automatic though. 98,000 miles currently.
I finally had to replace the engine, rear timing chain started making noise at 254k! I personally blame this on Lucas Oil Treatment, thinking I was helping an old engine, 1k miles later the noise starts? Who knew. Great truck all around, I think the only other problem I had was the fuel pump went bad at 190k, dropped the tank and fixed it.
I brought my 2002 sport trac new, great truck has 98,500 with no major problems.
Bought my 2002 Sport Trac used about a year and a half ago with 69,000 miles on it. The car was in immaculate shape for the year and it ran extremely well. For it being 8 years old, it still runs great and looks awesome. Ford had a good thing going when they came out with this line of automobiles.
I own 2002 Sport new when I bought it. Just been minor issues until now. 59000 miles the check engine light came on and needed a (DPF ? ) valve replacement. But my biggest issue is the hatch window. The right bolt hidden under the black clip holding my window in stripped and broke stripped. Ford said my year wasn't included in the recall the previous year with the same issues and wanted 300 to fix it. took it to a non dealer and it was fixed for 100. Now the left clip is broken and has bent the hatch hook that keeps the window in place. Very dissapointed with Ford. This is an obvious malfunction on their part.