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2002 Ford Explorer (27 Reviews)
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Good vehicle for a Ford. I am looking into a new transmission rebuilt as the one got is original. My Explorer is a good truck and has done me well at 205,000 miles.
I bought my '02 Explorer in 2004, with 36000 miles on it. Something internal in the motor just gave out, at 286000+ miles. It still looks new and until now, I've had NO issues with any part of this vehicle. I'm looking at newer Explorers now because I'm not sure $5500 for a new motor is a good investment. However, the rest of the tuck is still solid, and not having any of the problems being listed, maybe it is.
Let me start off by saying ford explorers and their engineers suck. Who ever designed this engine shouldn't be an engineer. I have a 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v6 sohc this pos has been the worst Suv or automobile I have ever owned. Ford should have gone for bankruptcy instead of Chrysler. Back to my POS I have had this car for four years and put money after money into this Suv . First the tranny 3500 year later the driver side timing chain 2300 I have kept up with maintenance year after year . Who puts plastic guides into an engine with a metal timing chain what was that engineer smoking. I have more to list about this so called Suv but to much for this little section. To anyone who thinks or looking into buying an ford DON'T DO IT there engines are designed to fail.
We brought a 02 explorer in Sept of 20012 with 56000 mile on it. It looks and run like it just came off the assembly line. No problems. I am married to motorhead that worked for Car quest parts for 15 years. He didn't say a thing about the prices for parts for this vehicle. Any other SUVs I couldn't get him to shut up..Mind you, we drove 81 chevy blazer that last 15 years so to us this luxury car. Currently the front windshield crack dont how but insurance is covering it. Getting ready to take it on its first road trip to Las Vegas in June. I know we will pleasant trip with car..
I bought my explorer in 06. Like many on here it was a great suv for the first year then the tail gate cracked (no recall) rear window lock and wiper assy quite a year later and then just feel apart the following year front door lock is broke and the others won't lock or unlock from the outside anymore When i get in the truck the dome light comes on and then stays on until you get up to 10mph, front wheel bearing went next the heater door started the ticking noise a year after i had it and now the heater wont blow any air at all. checked the blower it runs replaced the heater resistor still don't work Looks like a hole new heater switch assy or switches. front headlight on passenger side went out every winter. Not really impressed with this vehicle and too like others on here the tranny or the rearend seems to slip at times like one wheel is on ice even when your on dry pavement.
I absolutely hate this SUV. We bought ours used in 2007 and it worked fine for about a year. We have replaced the alternator every year since, the back passenger window motor has been replaced and is currently not working again, replaced all 4 wheel bearings multiple times, back hub assemblies as well, the back panel below window in gate cracked for no reason, the panels next to the back windows are faded, transmission is starting to slip, doesnt want to start in the winter for no reason at all, the heater door doesnt work it just clicks and i am not spending 600 to stop the clicking noise when my husband can reach in and flip it over and takes care of the clicking, and now it is saying it has something wrong with the air injection system. This thing has become a money pit and isnt worth the headache! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SUV
The lift gate on my 2003 Explorer no longer works to open the lift gate
ok,so this is how this goes. when we got this truck in '02 it was 3mos. old and was used as a rental vehicle from enterprise. the truck had about 28k miles on it and ran like a dream, had no problems was used for everything since i am a mother of six. now do you see where im going with this, i drove this truck for everything. in '07 the tranny gave out which i gave due to how it was driven (even to oklahoma 2x n back). well at about that time for some reason the mileage/weather temp gauge would start going on/off till it finally went off, dont know why. about '09 the tranny started going out again, and i started driving it only as needed. well in the beginning of '11 the engine finally did it we thought it was the radiator or thermostat,not now 8mos. later and a completely rebuilt motor, new tranny, radiator, fuel pump, etc....$8600 later, we got the truck home on thurs. 11/17/11 and drove it from the shop straight home(bout 7miles) and it was bogging and the check gage like next 2 the gas gage is on,called the shop they told me to drive it a little bit it should be fine n bring in on monday/tuesday so they can check 2 make sure it got sinked up with the computer... no driving on on 18th,dove to p.o. around corner (1/2 mile) , no driving on 20th. well on 11/21/11 i drove the truck 2 ups(4.5 miles) & my insurance which is another 1mile from ups and now the service engine soon light is on and its still bogging. from there i went 2 walmart bout 2.5 miles from my insur. comp. then home 5.5. later that nite i drove my daughters friend home and now the truck is sounding even funnier, by the next day on tuesday 11/22 i drove 2 the p.o.,library and gas station all within a 1/2 mile radius or so & since i was out i took the truck for a drive like the shop told me, nothing major just did an 8mile radius,the lights are still on & still bogging and now something even harder, called the shop they told me 2 bring it in so they can look hook it up. well when my husband got home from the valley i told him and we found oil all over my brand new engine and found out why it was running funny, the valve cover had been eaten through by the timing the shop is blaming the the engine shop that rebiult the engine and not themselves since they do the final checks on the engine and they put the engine/tranny and EVERYTHING BACK TOGETHER & INTO MY does n e body have n e thing 2 say on this 1....
208759 miles, still kicking. Only had to replace the Trans.
211,647 runs and runs
I brought my explorer new in sept. of 02. It has 45000 miles on it and it drives like a dream. everything works. the only problem i have is the glass part of the rear hatch is cracked right down the middle at the weld seam. I have contact ford to no avail. other than that, thats the only problem i have.
Transmission died at 78K. Ac/heater door not working. Idles rough and starts rough. Heater door and Transmission issues should have been recalled!
I have had this car since it was new. It runs well and the only challenges are over zealous kids with doors and dumping drinks on the floor. If you treat the car right it will give you years of service. Its now over a hundred thousand miles heading for 200K. I'm sure it will make it with very few costs.
We have had our 2002 ford Explorer for 8 years now and it's a great auto. The only problems we've had with our explorer is regular maintenance and wear and tear repairs. It an xlt with 4.0 6 cylinder
i bought my ford explorer in 2002 ithad 11miles on it when i drove it off the lot i paid it off last year and it has 67,000 miles on it all my windows has stop working the window siding has faded and it smell like eggs when i start it are drive it for a while and try to pick up speed thetrap door on the heater has broke so it just make a clicking noise when i try and turn on the heat where the door is trying to work so i have to pay $600 dollars to have that repaired due to the dash having to come off so they are going to go ahead and replace the heater core while in there cause it may go eventually. i have had the breaks replaced twice and it jerks if i press on the gas like the wheels are skipping are the engin one and that should not be happening with only 67,000 miles
I have had my 02 Explorer for about 2 years, the only thing that I have experenced with mine is a little miss when entering onto the highway, other than that can't complain!!!
i have only had my explorer for a few months but it has 197k miles and it runs pretty nice! It has a rough ide when i start it up and the ball joints are going bad but anyone know why my vheical might have a tough idle? it stops when it warms up.
This year was a lemon. Same experience as early poster and friend with same year. Tranny goes at 65k. Replace all bearing multiple, multiple times. All sorts of misc repairs (brake switch $250, rear window motor etc). . Ball joint also went. Ford should have recalled the tranny for sure. It's my 4th Ford...always try to buy American. I'll never buy Ford again. This year, 2002 specifically, was a complete piece of crap. Ask a Ford mechanic if you don't believe me.
$3500 tranny, replace bearing all four 2 time $1000 rack and pinon $1000 rear heater and ac dont work universal joint gtoing bad $600 tunup replace rotart all four twice 1000 dollars now my check egine light comes on window is sticking up and down in the cold and many more i just cant think of at the moment this car is a money pit peace of jumk and i would never ever by ford agian for reps are rude disrepectful and bad customer service
I bought a used 2002 Ford Explorer XLS about 4 years ago with about 60,000 miles on it. Ran fine for about a year, needed a new battery in that time which is fine. After that year the truck needed heavy fixing. I had to replace the wheel bearings 3 times on the rear, heater blend door-my god that was expensive, window actuators, the window washer fluid pump, and fuel pump. I had to call a tow truck 4 times because I would be left stranded at work.

Unfortunately the truck is now having transmission problems, the gear are slipping and have had different mechanics tell me the tranny is on its last legs. When the truck did work properly I liked it. I liked the spaciousness and handled fine and was comfortable on short trips. I won't complain about the gas mileage as I knew it going in buying the truck. I usually put about 9,000 miles on it a year and 99% of it is highway driving and I don't beat on it. I wish it did last longer and was more reliable. I spent about half of what I bought the truck for in just repairs.
I HATE this truck!!! My husband has owned one since 2006 when he purchased it used and since then we have put about $4500 into it for repairs! All 4 window regulators broke ( of course in the middle of winter with the window stuck down about 3-4 days apart from each other!), the engine rattles really bad when you get up to about 35 mph and we were told that would be another $2500 to fix, the rear air conditioner doesn't work and makes a loud thumping noise the whole time you're driving, we spent $1500 last summer fixing the rear end because it was about to fall out, the transmission jumps real bad when it switches gears, and now the radiator is busted! I don't understand why it's such a piece of junk... When we bought it, it had 80,000 miles and now it has 112,000 which I don't think is too bad but this truck is nothing but a money pitt! It's terrible on gas mileage and with all the problems we have had out of it I would not recommend it to anyone! I used to own a 99 mercury cougar and it was a piece of crap too! I will never own another vehicle made by ford! Buyer beware if you buy a used 2002 ford explorer!
I bought a used 2002 explorer XLT with 68000 miles on it and now have 104000. In that 36000 miles driven, I've had to replace the 4x4module, 2 different bearings, a heater switch, replace wiring for power windows, and the grand finale; the FRIGGIN MOTOR!!!! Plus I've had issues with the 4x4 engaging when it shouldn't be. I hate this truck, but am now upside down with it, and can't get rid of it. My advice, DON'T BUY A FORD EXPLORER!!!
Like this SUV a lot. Have owned a 1994 Ford Explorer and love that the quality is back, which is why Ford really seams to be the only competition for the Japanese. Owned Ford, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan. Was pleasantly surprised at the look, feel and drive of the 02 Explorer. Still own it and have very little done to it. Sensor replaced a couple of years ago, brakes are actually good. I owned the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which seems to blow through the pads and rotors. Learned how to replace brakes and save money quickly. New problem with this XLT on Overdrive flashing driving in the mountains of Colorado on the highway. Might be a sensor, could be worse. Only other problem I have had is the back air control makes a clicking sound if you work controls in the second control panel. Couple hundred dollars for a piece of plastic, or control it with the front one.
Love it
Bought the new 2002 design when it first came out. Had a 1996 Explorer before that and loved it except that I replaced the fuel float twice. On my 2002 - I only drive about 10000 miles per year, combination back roads and light highway. So far - I have a problem with differential - when it "goes" it will be expensive. My rear windshield wiper crapped out within the first 2-3 years. My driver's side window quit in 2008. I couldn't get the door apart easily to repair it so kept putting it off until one day I got in the car, turned on the engine and smelled something odd. Traced it to an electrical fire type smell near the window switch - then saw smoke - and that was with the ignitiion OFF! Got that door panel apart really fast after that as I wasn't worrying about any damage. Glad I was in the driveway. Replaced the switch myself and all is well, but hard to get the door panel back together. Also having a problem with "dim" dash lighting. Figuring all this is pointing to some horribly expensive electrical problem. Oh yeah, something started going wrong with engagine in and out of 4WD pretty early in the game. Ford builds trucks so you would think they's be good at the 4wd.

I really liked my former Explorer and this one is just right size-wise, but come on, can we get rid of these design and engineering problems please? Why do cars have to be so draining to own? I like my Explorer, except for the probs, but would prefer to love it!
I bought my Ford 2 years ago. Love it. Except..when it desides it dosen't want to start, mainly in cold weather. It does not turn over,nothing. I would just like to know what the problem is
2002 Explorer- 6 cyl.
Bought the car new in 2002. Now have 106500 miles on it. 4 wheel Auto not working but manual low 4 wheel drive does. Replaced breaks and tires around 80,000. also had to replace wheel bearings and differential seal. at various times. Have an "annoyance" with the gas gage working intermittently in cold weather. Still love to drive it! Gas milage is about 22 MPG.