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2001 Ford Explorer (2 Reviews)
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I love this car. The reliability and dependability are without a doubt the best characteristics of this make and model. Gas milage isn't great, 19mpg (everywhere) if you don't put your foot in it to often.
Brakes (though they were totally replaced before I purchased it) the best but don't make any sudden moves it will flip. Lights always work (all of them) smoging isn't a problem. I have had to replace the back gate locking system but only once and no problem since. Air is the best and not to hard on the milage. I have had this car 4 years and still love it.
had to replace the swithch on the master cylinder due to a recall for possible fire hazard. had to repace the fuel pump-mechanic said it was because i ran the gas level in the tank get to low to often-evidently the gas cools the pump. had to replace the back window wiper twice, the cd player doesn't work and it has five cd's stuci in it.the left front wheel cylinder quit working causing the left disc brake to wear out prematurely. vacuum line hose on the engine broke causing the engine to run roughly. replaced the windshield wiper switch on the column.