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2000 Ford Explorer (5 Reviews)
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I have a 2000 ford explorer limited edition do not buy a ford the I'm constantly having issues with the brakes coming off it is a scary feeling especially when you take it to a mechanic more than once an everytime 6months later it does the same thing so say for instance this morning it happened again an now when I try to turn left I hear a rubbing noise behind my wheel also my driver an passenger doors do not open cause during the winter your handles freeze an since they are made out of cheap plastic they snap right off now I constantly have to climb in an out through the back door this was a good car when I first got it in 2011 now everything just slowly starts to go wrong with it I also got a recall in the mail saying not to park my car close to any buildings cause there's a part on the engine that can cause it to start on fire even when its not in use just for future reference buy an different brand of vehicle cause all ford do is turn to shit....
The Explorer was my first Ford purchase. At first,the check engine light came on and I took it to several locations and no one could diagnose problem. They replaced oxygen sensors several times only temp fix. Finally, in spite of their dire warnings I let it go. I've driven it 5 years now without incident so I figure light problem was some fluke. No major failures, I've driven many miles with only regular maintenance. I've read bad reviews of this model but apparently not all vehicles made this year were bad. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of this vehicle and that is what matters to me. Minor issues include rusting running boards and driver side door lock problem. Not bad for 12 year old vehicle.
My first new car. Love it, still going strong. No repairs to date other than a fuse for overhead light. I should take it in to see if the rear wiper can be fixed, it doesn't clean the window very well and I bent it trying to fix it myself. 120K!
Humm where to start with problems? thermostate off the dealers lot, both front bearing/hub assembles, (not at once either ford refused to do both at once since it was under warranty they were done a week apart) rear bearings (bolt on the spider broke while changing bearings so new axle) all doors are closed, slammed shut and door ajar light still one ended up pulling both dome lights out, Save people the hassle don't buy a exploder, i mean explorer
Bought the 2000 Explorer with 75,000 miles in '05 (was formerly a Company vehicle). I have 250,000 miles on it now. I have replaced the following ONE TIME - spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, upper and lower intake gaskets, belt, thermostat, mass air flow sensor, a few miscellaneous valves and hoses, rear end racers and bearings, front wheel bearings, internal timing cassette, lower ball joints, front driverside window motor, and actuators. I stripped the radio and speakers and put my own in because I wanted to. Keeping in mind of course this is in addition to regular maintenance (air filters, oil changes, brakes, and tires). Not bad for 40,000 miles a year - 90% highway. In my opinion at least.