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1997 Ford Explorer (11 Reviews)
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So, picked up a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer with 187K on her for less than a grand. I've found that working on it has been a breeze. A couple hick ups here and there but to be expected with an older rig. What I've done so far: blend door valve actuator replacement, air flow sensor replacement, camshaft sensor replacement (full shaft), pulled the entire carpet laid it out in the driveway and used our home carpet cleaner (it looks brand new), had to re-solder the Omeron inside the EATC (A/C wouldn't work), re-solder the light out module board (passenger side head light out), replaced all interior and exterior lights (in dash, in consoles, inside everything, just because), buff/polished everything including the glass, did the brakes, did the plugs and lines, re-upholstered the seats and installed a 2DIN HD, GPS, DVD touchscreen. Total about another $500-$700 (parts only, I did all the work myself) It is CHERRY! Looks, drives, smells brand spankin new!
1997 ford explorer egr vacuum solenoid
fords suck!!!Hard to work on not to mention pricey parts and half years
who thought of this half yr crap needs to be awawrded college troghy
for over paid genuises ie. thx to ford i got to know what half yr it was made in!!! Thank you ford cant thank you enough for the headache when trying to fix a easy fix!!!
I recently purchased my 2 wheel drive Explorer, and have expierenced Mpg from 19 to 22 on the Highway. The weak point on the interrior are the arm rests which have both suffered breakage of the plastic reinforcement at the handle. Beyond a rougher than usual idle at 167000 miles, and a broken heater hot/cold blend door that will cook you out the vehicle so far has proven to be reliable enough to travel 120 miles a day round trip to work. Some day I will diagnose the rough idle but so far it hasnt caused a problem. A co worker of mine had a broter who owned one of these, and expierenced a collision that set off both airbags, to discover the vent holes in the back side of the steering column were never cut at the factory, along with the seam in the center of the drivers air bag unsewn. I hope to never ever have to discover this myself. He lives, but has had several reconstructive surgeries to repair the burns from the propellent in the air bag.
I bought this car 5 years ago for 3500 bucks. Back then it only had strong at 189k. I always change my oil and spark plugs, just doing the basic stuff is always important. My front and rear suspension ball joints make a clunking noise, but other then that have not had any problems. At one point my transmission was making an intermittent whirring noise (at around 150k), but for the last 25k miles, it has since vanished. Wish it got better gas mileage, for a V6 its very archaic. I only average around 14/18, but always super reliable. Occasionally on start-up, the idle is weak and I have to keep gas on it to stabilize but it always evens out after a few seconds. Maybe a vacuum leak? Overall.. awesome car, has held up great.
well my name is deborah and I have a 97 ford exp,i have had it 5 years now put about 20thousand miles on it.I have to say I have spent more money on it trying to keep it rnuuing then anything i have ever looks great. but when you have one that set:s in the drive way 9 months out of the year and has for 5 years well i guess thats why it still looks almost new.I have to say that truly is the worst thing I have every had. wish i had just haif the money back Ive spent on it.I could go buy myself a new chev. I have a 89 chev has over 4 hundard thousand on it and I would and do still go every where in it.dang I knew better then to buy a ford.
I purchased my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT, V8, AWD, Loaded with sunroof/moonroof, Leather seats, 6 disk CD changer, etc, etc on August 25, 2011. I got this truck at a steal from a guy my wife works with. No rust, no scratches on any of the interior and did I mention only 115,000 miles on it!!! The only problem Ive noticed my second day owning it is radiator fluid leaking on top of the engine, assuming its the water pump, but at the price I paid, the extra 300-500 bucks is worth it!!!
trying to get my car fix at a cheap price iam unemployed
I bought my 97 Explorer 4WD in 2003 and wouldn't part with her for anything. She has 249k miles and runs excellent! The only thing I've had an issue with was an oil leak (from valves I think) and the new-style DPFE kept melting. I had the oil leak taken care of and put an original old-style metal DPFE on her and it's fine. Need to have ball joints replaced, but not an immediate need and I have to figure out what is causing a sound like a dog's growl.....when I'm just sitting, idling, no A/C on, there's a low growling sound that comes from the back half of the truck (sound only lasts for a few seconds each time). All of my regular maintenance (except oil changes) I've done myself (just a sidenote: I'm 39 years old, widowed mom of 4 - if I can do it, anyone can do it! LOL) - tuneup is relatively easy, sparkplugs are a pain (but aren't they always?), and I'm doing my brakes for the first time tomorrow (thank God for google and youtube!).

The interior is cloth, has held up great! Oh! I have had a light in my dash out since I bought's dark over where the gas gauge is but lit up fine everywhere else - I've checked all the fuses and everything is fine. I'm not excited about pulling apart my dash so I've just dealt with it. I would like to get better gas mileage - mine is 6 cyl, 4WD and gets about 15/18. Any suggestions would be great! :)

The bottom line is I love my truck! Even when cash for clunkers came around, I couldn't part with her! I may buy something to drive more often and give her a break, but I can't give her up!! Oh, and she's great for towing and off-road!! :)
I bought my 1997 Ford Explorer used at 18,300 miles in 1999. Ten years later and over 174,000 my engine is still kicking. The body is in great condition. Everything is still working, CD player, heating and air.
Well, I bought my 1997 Explorer in 2001. Since then I have replaced 3 transfer cases!!, Two front Drive shafts, New Fuel Pump, air compressor condenser thing(A/C issues), The actuator motor broke that opens and closes door for air flow(A/C issue), Fan clutch replaced, second set of rotors..oh, and my favorite...a new engine!!! I love my truck!!