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2008 Ford Expedition (2 Reviews)
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The vehicle is a tank and that is what I wanted, but it is a very unsophisticated tank. Very crude and old technology like the tail lights that are "vented" to keep them from over heating and like the engine with old push rod design and crude fuel injection in the throttle body. Engineering is all slap on changes and no system redesign to "integrate" changes.
I have an EL with the 18" wheels. I should have gotten the 20". The handling on this boat leaves a lot to be desired. I mean for emergency purposes, not for sporty driving! Everything is satisfactory, but nothing is exceptional. The passenger front sitting position is uncomfortable with the dash at the leg area. The drive train is ok - the transmission can hunt, clunk and extend a gear too long on a grade. The lights...I have had more bulbs burn out on this vehicle in two years than any other vehicle ever. The fog light lenses never stood a chance against road debris. The engine is solid, but really could use a little more power. The dual zone climate control (and rear) is annoying and does not put different air where you want it, the way you want it. But...when you have cargo to carry...lots of kids...etc...there really is no other choice in the segement than an EL.