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2004 Ford Expedition (12 Reviews)
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This is another one for the good reviews column. I have a 2004 Expedition that currently has 357,000 miles on it. Other than normal wear it has been a phenomenal truck. It is out of service now because it has blown the same spark plug out for the third time, resulting in it needing to have the head replaced (or another engine).

Overall, an excellent truck - however, I admit I replaced this one with the same make I have before the Ford.
I've owned my 04 Eddie since 2006. Had the hood and rear door repainted because of bubbling paint on the front edge of hood and around the inside of rear door and outside handle. I called Ford in 08 about the problem and they stated they only warranty their paint for 3 years. Wow! Not impressed. Had 1 bubble spot come back on hood due to obvious aluminum contamination. No warranty on that! I have 130000 miles on it now. The vehicle does run great. I've had no other problems other than replacing 1 tire sensor gage.
I have a 2004 Expedition that I purchased in October of 2005 with only 1600 miles on it. It's now 10/17/2012 and I have over 121,000 miles on it, and KNOCK ON WOOD, it is running perfectly! Aside from the normal wear and tear that a car goes through and a hole on the roof of the truck that I am going to get fixed. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Expedition!
I have a 2004 Ford Expedition with paint blistering on the edge of the hood. Ford knows they have a problem, just trying to keep it to themselves. I found out today by searching the internet that they issued a technical service bulletin on December 27, 2004 titled Aluminum Corrosion, number 04-25-1. The issue as described in the bulletin: "Some Vehicles may exhibit bubbling or blistering under the paint on aluminum body parts. This is due to iron contamination of the aluminum panel." The bulletin goes on to say, "Testing has revealed that the aluminum corrosion was caused by iron particles working their way into the aluminum body part, prio to painting."

It covers most 2000 to 2004 larger cars, suv's and pick-ups including the expedition, explorer and f-150.

Now you know the problems, a latent manufacturing defect. So far no luck in getting for to fix the problem. They say their corrosion warranty won't cover it unless the metal is perforated, even though they label the service bulletin as aluminum corrosion.
Hi, I have a Ford Expedition 2004, And i would like to know why one time are truck O/D Flashed and after that we started losing the second gear then it kept going to the RPM 4000 and switched to the next gear, We took to the Transmition place and they checked and they said there was nothing wrong with the transmition! If you know what can be wrong can you please text me back! Thank you. :)
As usual, another great product from Ford/Lincoln! My Expedition has pushed its way through 3-feet of snow without hesitation, handles well on ice and snow, and keeps us comfy during sub-zero as well as tropical temperatures. No issues with this vehicle other than the normal wiper blades, disc pads, fluid changes, etc. Use synthetic fluids wherever possible to further ensure it won't wear out quickly.
We bought our 04 Expedition in 2005. It had one previous owner and this truck was intact, we loved it. However, in the last year the tire sensor will not shut off even though tires have been checked and replaced, and the back up sensor is not working. Seems like these things are common. I still love my vehicle and would buy another one.
I bought my 04 expedition EB new it been great over all. I have 151,000 on it and most people can't believe thee that many miles on it. Problems rear door corosion under the paint (factory problem in aluminum surface prep.) Front leather seats and wrapped steering wheel wore prematurely. Brake rotors wear fast.
coil on plugs go one at a time. My transmision and 4wd has been great. I turn off advance trac everytime I start it.
We have an 04 expedition and I figured with the bad reviews I should represent the many people who have been very happy with their expeditions, but do not write reviews because there's no reason to even think about it. I currently have 82,000 mile on my eddie bauer and it has been flawless. We tow a camper and have had no major issues. It has needed one set of brakes, a battery and tires. I have recently decided to put some maintenance into it due to the fact we plan on keeping it at least a few more years. I replaced the belt and flushed the coolant. Also plan on tranny fluid change and plugs. The vehicle has always run good and is excellent for hauling the family. I also plow my driveway with it. Very satisfied and I plan on our next vehicle being another expedition.
I have a 2004 expedition the tire pressure sensory light will not go off, I have had all four sensors checked, and replaced they will not read once put on the tire and the tire is on the vehicle, i have replaced the wiring harness because the dealer said it was perforated and the Firestone has tried to reset the computer reader board but it did not work , I also have replaced the starter 4 times it keeps burning up
Bought a 2004 in 2007 with 65,000 miles and within a year had to have another transmission put in. The mechanic said that the wires had burned out, it cost me about $2500.Had to replace a part for the window it wouldn't roll up or down and that was about $250 The air conditioning doesn't get cold they said about $600 to fix it. I just took it to the mechanic today for knocking in the engine and haven't been called back to see what it is yet. I also had to have the rear differential replaced by the dealer which cost me about $2400 and they said that someone had put a used differential in it ( it was making a loud noise at low speeds and on the highway like brrrrrrrrr). The paint on the moldings has peeled off and is a little greenish in color, I have seen that on a lot of the same trucks. I paid $13,500 plus taxes etc. To me this was too many problems for a vehicle which was 3 years old. I hope this review is helpful to someone.
I own a 2004 this is my second one that i have owned, they are great family SUV's. Only issue i had with it so far is the Power steering line got shaking and ended up on the fan shudder, I had to go get that fixed. Being told that the Full Size SUV's need Front and Rear Alignments. I had a 1998 before i got this one thing ran like a champ I put over 100K miles on it and only thing I replaced was the alternator. With my 2004 I had to replace the battery(twice), tires(normal wear and tear), and all the fluids. In the process of doing the rear brakes. I will not give this truck up. With a family of 6 and driving over mountain passes in the winter its been wonderful. Love the new folding 3rd row seat, beats the old one when i had to fold and pull out. I recently moved and pulled a trailer with it and it handled like i had nothing on the back!! Love it Love it!!