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2000 Ford Expedition (12 Reviews)
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i was driving with no warning that my brakes were not going to work had to push the peddle to the floor at first had to see if i missed the peddle almost couldnt stop what would cause that ? it seems like we traded one problem for another
I own a 2000 XLT 4x4 5.4 triton.The engine at 148,000 seized and needed a complete rebuild including new heads which are aluminium,1 of Fords new ideas,junk.Now that it has been completely rebuilt ,the body has rusted,the sunroof has blown out crusing at 70 mph,and can't buy a replacement for it,the frame is rusted,brake lines rusted out and was replaced.Torsion bars completely rusted,now when it rains the vehicle if you leave the battery cables connected it will try and start on its own till the starter either burns up or the battery goes completely dead.Anyone who needs a completely rebuilt engine with around 1000 miles on it contact me.I will sell it and any other parts new rotors in front wrangler radials and so
I have a great looking black Eddie Bauer 2000 Ford Expedition, that I bought from my sister who purchased it new. It's been repainted all-black, tinted the windows and added 22" chrome spoke wheels and 295x45x22 tires so, it looks newer to most people. My annoyance is three of my passenger doors won't open most of the time by the new remote. Also, my odometer light goes on and off. However, my biggest problem is the 11.8 mpg around town but, get 16.4mpg on highway when cruising at 70 mph.
Bought this Eddie Bauer Expedition in June. Had 78k miles on it. Was a trade in with a bad engine knock. Pulled oil pan, #8 rod bearing bad, crankshaft ok. Put it together, have put about 3k miles on it since repair. Drives good. Has 4x4 and air suspension. Not great on gas milage but try not to drive a lot. Great to pull with. Looking for third row seat as it was gone.
Bought my Expedition in 2002 used, it is 2013 now and I replaced the tranny about 6 years ago but other than that no major repairs just basic maintenance, brakes, tires etc. Was the vehicle of choice when needing to pull someone out who was stuck in the snow or mud and its a good solid 4WD vehicle, lots of dirt road miles in the 220,000 currently on it and still going strong. All in all a pretty dependable vehicle will probably keep it until it needs put to pasture.
I just spen over 2700.00 get my car fixed. now I take it in to get a state inspection sticker and it won't pass. It failed the emission test.
Good shape
I purchase this SUV in 2001, with 33,000mi, it has 302,000>, I have done the brakes as needed, replaced the alt, ball joins, cv joints and plenty of tire, I found that the B F Goodrich tires last best, I get about 85,000mi, per set, not bad for the tires or Ford. Remember to change the fluids as recommended, I flush the tranny and change the filter, Ford say why, but the mechanics wonder why the the tranny is still working. Hat of to this one. Oh, the fuel pump went out yesterday @ 300,000> mi. go figure.
I purchased this 2000 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer Edition) on January 30, 2010. At that time it had 140,000 miles on it. I had to get rid of my 2001 Chevrolet Impala (>145,000 miles) due to an accident and it being totalled out. Anyway; I had the heater fixed (not working at all), electric door locks replaced, upper and lower ball joints, and all brakes replaced. Seems like a lot since I just got it, but being a 10 year old SUV, I think it was necessary. I have no real complaints about the Expedition. I wish the fuel economy was a little better, but again, for a 10 year old SUV, I knew it wasn't going to be super fuel efficient.
bought it with 32,000 miles have a 110,000 on it now not many problems just had to replace front wheel bearings and it needs a tune up have had transmission fluid done and coolant and new tires a few times and the child safety locks in the back trigger themselves randomly has been a great vehicle only complaint is poor gas mileage but its heavy and big so thats what you get
I have a 2000 Ford Expedition with 193,000 miles on it. Got it with 175,000 miles on it and the only real problem has been the A/C. I live in Texas, home of the 100 degree + summers, and the A/C has always been deficient in the cooling department. The car has been a pleasure to own, sans the A/C system.
I bought my 2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition four about years ago with 75,000 miles. I immediately changed oil and had the transmission fluid flushed out and replaced. Initially I replaced the fly wheel ($700). After that I maintained oil changes, tire rotation and so on. At 110,000 miles I had to replace breaks. At 120,000, worn parts in the steering colunm ($500), at 125,000 I replaced the surpentine belt ($130) and breaks again at 180,000. I had the alarm system disconnected. After servicing the AC at 165,000 miles I was told I needed a new compressor but it is still coooling well. It currently has 192,000. It has been very dependable. I am looking at replacing the four ball joints ($640). I bought a new, 2008, Expedition when the prices went down.