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1998 Ford Expedition (12 Reviews)
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I paid $6,000 cash for my 1998 Pacific Green Expedition Eddie Bauer with tan interior in 2005 with 134,000 miles on it. I now have 297,000 miles on it. The repairs I've done to it is $600 on rebuild front end, bushings and alternator. Changed bout 4 COP's and maybe two plugs and also trailing arms. The interior and body are great. I change the oil every 3 months. No spitting out plugs with those aluminum heads either. This car runs great and people can't believe it has this much mileage on it. I took it to the Ford Dealership to get No. 4 cylinder COP and plug, because I couldn't get to it. Everything works except the moon roof, needs adjusting, so I disconnected it. I'm really happy with this car. Maybe it was built on a good day. I fix what I can myself, like brakes, oil changes, etc.
I bought my Expedition in July 2001 has 305,452 miles. Never had problems except for brake wear plus had a light indicator on dashboard but mechanic fixed couple things as lasted for 16 years. Rides, drives and comfortable still peppy its probably better than newer Expeditions might be wrong - I absolutely love this SUV. Everything is great on this SUV very fast with lots of power have done on plenty of trips plus been through chains still very dependable. Did get routine stuff done after my 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance its working even engine and transmission are both still original. Overall I really have so much fun driving the Expedition though single its the best ever owned after owned few cars in the past Expedition is my favorite vehicle had.
I'm probably one of the FEW people left who have owned this truck since new...17 years now. I bought this truck at the beginning of the LARGE SUV heyday and gas was a $1.25 a gallon!! Overall, this truck has been SUPER reliable. It has a few design weaknesses, but no real surprises. The things it falls short on, were evident on day one; it guzzles gas and the early models are underpowered and only tow about 1/2 the tow rating well. I have 130,000 miles on it. Pretty low for it's age. I have only fixed and replaced little things. Brakes are a weak point because they were too small from the get-go; they warp disks before the pads wear out. Just replaced the starter after 16 years; it was getting tired. The 4 wheel drive system and powertrain have been pretty bullet proof. A/C system was undersized for this size vehicle, especially in hot/humid climates, but have not even recharged the system in 17 years. I've never had to replace the muffler or even a light bulb. General fit and finish and Ford's lousy paint job complaints are my biggest gripes and all came with the vehicle. If you can afford the gas, there are few vehicles out there with this much overall space and utility!
I've owned mine for about 6 months now. 160K miles. Replaced front ball jnts, and battery. Just passed Missouri safety/emissions checks (2013), no problem. Runs like a beauty, ...I call her "Big Red!" I felt like I was getting ignored when I took it in for the work and safety checks, ...they had nothing to report on her! Told me to just keep rolling! I like it! I'll report back later. Only reason for any 4 stars, is that I haven't owned long enough yet!
my family bought our 1998 expedition new... through my older brothers abuse (for two years) and my abuse for the past three years, this vehicle is the best, it is about to click 200,000 miles and it has been jumped, slid around, on two wheels, went over a year at one point with no oil change, went for countless off road/mudding experiences, and still running strong. 5.4 is a great engine and has made me ford loyal! hope you have the same experience.
I purchased a 98 Eddie Bauer with 198K miles in April 2011 for $4400 cash. It is now May 2012 and I have 251,100K miles on it. I put 53k miles on it within one year. I just recently had to replace brake pads and have the rotors turned. The air conditioner doesn't get as cold but for what I purchased the vehicle for I have a darn good truck truck!
1998 Eddie Bauer Expedition. 202,110.5 and still going strong. Only the air ride suspension just started leaking. I just bought the replacement air bags from strutmasters who really didn't want to sell them to me... tried hard to get me to go to their conversion kit; but I don't want coil springs. I like the air ride. It rides better and automatically levels the vehicle when loaded or pulling a trailer. I am on here trying to find help or instructions on installing my new air bags (air ride shocks).
222,XXX and yes still going strong.. having some issues with my heater, I am going to replace the heater control valve in the morning!
1998 Eddie Bauer Model. All I can say is that I beat the ever loving crap out of this thing and she just keeps begging for more!!! Replaced the transmission due to an overheating issue was done under warranty, and other then normal maintenance for a truck with 165K miles on it she has never had an issue. She eats brake pads pretty frequently, small rotors for such a big truck, could be my heavy foot, so far I have killed two deer (one was a five point buck at over 60 MPH!! Thank god for the light bar) and completely submerged the truck in salt water twice (had to get back the way I came!!) and yet this truck still continues to drive like a champion, you have not driven until you've driven underwater!! Rinsed truck with Salt Terminator and other then the fact my horn sound like it would be more at home on a Miata (it sounds cute!!) not a single problem with the truck. I will drive this thing to the end. Other then brakes and I have replaced front ball joints and passenger side CV joint, all my front bushings and just put in a new battery and cables. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!
98 ford expedition going about 55mph on the highway and the engine would rev and would`t go anywhere would have to pull off to the shoulder of the road and wait for about 5mins. then it would go
1998 Ford Expedition 4x4, 115k, Still running strong as of 2010. Last owner did not take care of car so the exhaust was rusty, but mechanically speaking it has been fantastic.

No repairs just did 100,000 mile maintenance, I have the V8 4.6 which just uses regular spark plugs, so I changed those out.
I purchased the car with high mileage. Just passed 147,000 - Feels like new.