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1997 Ford Expedition owners review and rate their 1997 Ford Expedition.

1997 Ford Expedition (7 Reviews)
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I am only 17 and this is my 6th vehicle and this is by the the best one I've had, I love it, I just got it two days ago, but the people let their kid draw on the leather seats and so I have to get that off, but other then that it's great. It has 176,xxx miles on it I am kind of worried about, but as long as it gets me to CA and OR state I am fine with it :)
I would recommend this suv to anyone and everyone!
Best vehicle ever... purchase in 1998 with 18k miles on it, just sold it with 265k miles on it, never had any problems other than changing out several ignition coils. I bought a 1999 with 78K miles and it has been great so far...
Great car, fun to drive. Not so easy on the gas.
1997 Expedition EB White - Bought at 23k sold at 176k. Love the car 18MPG overall. very comfortable
1. engine under warranty at 90k due to piston slap. Manufacturing fluke.
2. Replaced air suspension bladders at 130k $800 but the ride is worth it.
3. Never replaced the muffler it was good to the end.
4. replaced shocks once, front end ball joints at 110k
5. Replaced radio with oem from Ebay $50 was $800 from Ford
6. third row seat was manual and hard to fold or remove.
Overall loved the car and have bought two expeditions since.
This was our first Expedition...A 1997 XLT model.
We had planned on keeping it 5 yrs and trading into something new however this SUV was just so dependable we did not want to get rid of it. We kept the 97 and bought a 2002...we kept the 2002 until 2006 and bought another new one... We still have our 1997 which I'll add runs and drives great. Other then normal maintenance items it has needed nothing... It currently has 198,000 on it and you'd never know by looking at it or driving it. We actually prefer to take it on long trips and leave the new one home. I'd rather put the miles on the old one. lol.

Will I buy another...ABSOLUTELY! unless of course Ford's quality drops... But if they remain so dependable, I'll keep buying them.
One of the best SUV around any year!
IBought this Big Ford with 200,000. Did brakes, Oil, shift handel, rear wheel bearings, shocks and o-2 sensors.... Alls good I love this Ford