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2000 Ford Excursion owners review and rate their 2000 Ford Excursion.

2000 Ford Excursion (5 Reviews)
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I bought this brand new in 1999. Not much to say that is bad with this beast other than it's not the greatest when it comes to gas. Love how much space it has and it is super reliable. It's a keeper for life!!
This is my 2nd 2000 excursion limited love both of them,when my wife drives the mileage is 12mpg,when I drive it is 14,got to pay to ride,love the feeling of looking down on all the other cars. Just wish they still made them
We have had our excursion about nine months. It is awesome. It takes our family of six and our stuff with ease. It is expensive on gas but that is to be expected. I recently had the transmission serviced, the battery was disconnected during this process. Now the vehicle is back I am getting better gas mileage. I have discovered it is because the transmission is now learning our driving style, so it is shifting earlier. I say all this to advise you to disconnect and reconnect your battery when you buy one of these beasts, so your transmission is working to your style and not the other owners. You can read more about this in the manual.
This vehicle has opened up our families recreational options to camping and lots more stuff. Have fun with your excursion.
Its this or the H1 for me 7.3 turbo diesel rocks.
It IS an amazing truck. Although gas mileage is only 9-14 mpg, it is a travel truck and/or off road truck. Mine personally is off roading and for being wrecked 3 times, it is still running great. I could not be more proud of how long it has lasted me. The turning radius is really bad but what do you expect in the biggest SUV made in American history? Brakes on a 11,000 lb truck are the best they can be. The interior is amazing and has SO much room. Never had a problem before I wrecked mine and even then, it wasstuff that would of never happened if I had not of wrecked it.