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1995 Ford Escort (12 Reviews)
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I got my 1995 Ford Escort GT back in 2001 with about 75,000 miles on it. It now has about 235,000 miles on it and it's running strong. I definitely believe this is one of the most reliable cars on the road. If you can get your hands on a GT model of the Escort go for it because the 1.8L engine that's in this car is the most reliable one out there. I love my GT!!!
My Grandma bought a 95 Escort LX Sport Appearance Package Model in '99 with 32,287 miles. She drove it back and forth to Decatur, IL until '03 5 days a week. It never broke down on her. I started driving it in 2010 with 129,400 miles on my learner's permit. As of today that Escort has 145,356 miles and has never broke down on me. I replaced the battery (that had been in there since 2002) and replaced four Delta Majestic tires (from '04) with Finalist Tires. I love the car and will continue to drive it until the body rots out. I love the car and it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever experienced. I love the Escort and hope it never dies.
Great car! I love this car.
this is my 3rd 91-95 best cars ever. i do all my own work, parts are cheap
We bought our 1995 Ford Escort in 1996 (new) and it still runs great. It has over 291,000 miles on it. My husband did regular maintenance on it and we have all used it as a commuter car. It still gets close to 35 MPG.
Have owned this 1995 for 10 years. 1.9L automatic in showroom condition. It is still going strong with 165,000 city miles. Neighbor has a 1996. The only reason you don't see more of them on the road is probably due to the fact most people who purchase and economy car are not inclined to take good care of it. Good care defined as regular fluid changes (oil, trans, brake, power steering) and other preventative maintenace. The only design flaw I am aware of is under-sized tire rods, which typically have to be replaced every 40 to 50,000 miles. They can also develop idle issues as they age, but compared to MAJOR problems of other vehicles I have researched these escorts are a blessing to own. The exhaust on this 165,000 mile is original and the AC has never been serviced. The paint job has less orange peel than most newer cars I have compared it to. The transmission performs flawlessly, despite the fact some guy at a tranny shop told me it would probably need rebuilt around 100K. Every time I change the oil I also remove two quarts from the tranny fill tube - using a plunger - and put the exact same about back. I am tempted to purchase another 1995 or 1996 escort even though I don't need one, just in case someone rear ends me.
Not really a ford person but the 95 escort has to be the best car on the road..
I have 2
good on gas
great power.
Great Car!
Bought this '95 Escort new in '96 with 36 total miles on it! Parts are reasonable we have replaced the motor once, the Trans once. Later it sat for about 2 1/2 yrs because hubby didn't have time to figure out what was wrong with it. It was electrical, replaced computer a few other electrical items, fuel pump and then the head cracked so replaced that too. That cost was less than $900. Yearly registration is $35.50, ins is next to nothing something like $100 or less and fuel runs about $50 a month! Still gets 30+ mpg!
I just bought my 1996 escort LX wagon with 175,900 miles for $200. I have to say it has been much better than I expected for a $200 car. All I have done to it is change brakes (master cylinder, 1 caliper, 2 rotors,pads and shoes all around.) new tires, all fluids changed, new air, fuel, and oil filters, and now the car runs like a top. $200 for the car $500 for the tires and parts and fluids I've spent $700 total...Not bad at all:-)
this is a 95 escort. my mom bought it back in 96. new. i just bought it from my mom with over 225,000 miles on it and it runs great. and people say ford is found on road dead.
its first on race day.
Bought this little car with 140,000 km on it a few years ago. Now have 240,000 km, with little trouble. I have replaced a lot of parts, but things that wear out, such as struts, brakes, and the clutch, parts are reasonably priced, and the maintenance, which I do myself, is fairly straight forward and simple, however, I have a mechanical background.

Oh, I'm in Canada, not California, but its the only zip code I know, hahaha
I bought my Ford Escort 95 with around 10,000 miles. Right away the very first week it began to overheat, on my way to the dealer to have it check the car broke down in the middle of the freeway. They said that the radiator fan stopped working. After fixing this problem, it continued overheating. Plus countless troubles with the A/C, electric windows, noisy engine and brakes, this is the worst automobile I have owned.