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1993 Ford Escort (4 Reviews)
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1093 Ford Escort Wagon Have replace the clutch 4 times. Struts 4 times. A/C quit working 2 yrs ago. 2 heater cores. 6 windshield moters. 2 radiators. Got it from my dad 98 with 27k. Has 130k. The frame has rotted away. It gets 37 mpg on the highway. Looking for a US built car. Either a Chevy or a Ford.
I've had my 1993 Escort for 15 of its 17 years. It is just shy of 100,000 miles (I've been unemployed). It's been a very reliable car. It has no rust, although I do keep it in the garage. The engine purrs, although I've had the head gasket replaced twice (the second time was done correctly).
About a year or so ago it began to have a rough idle that I finally found a mechanic who knew what it was (the exhaust manifold gasket needed replaced--vacuum leak).
I also found out that the thermostat must be from Ford, not generic, or else the temperature will not allow the fan to work properly if at all. This causes the engine to overheat in the summer and not warm up in the winter.
One complaint I do have is the automatic seat belts won't go forward most of the time. It does retract towards me, so it's still safe but annoying.

in the spring of 2006 ,I bought a 1993 murcury tracer/ escort station wagon for 300$ at an auction.I really did not do any thing to the car but drove it home for three years,it was going to be a project car. well today i drive her every other week to work and play.I replaced heater core,all belts and hoses,wirers,plugs,brakes,timing belt,water pump,valve cover gasket,rebuilt trans,4 new tires ,murcury hub capps and aircondition recharged.The station wagon had 96,000 miles when i bought it and was in pretty fair condition.I enjoyed restoring the wagon ,the parts were cheap and i just fixed it a little at a time. she drive like a dream with cold air and a new cd player. I have a mountain bike that fits just fine in the back with the rear seat folded. I am going to keep this red wagon for a long time
Car hood rust and paint fade is really bad but car runs pretty good..not real happy with it but am stuck with it for now. It's a go to work car.