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1992 Ford Escort (2 Reviews)
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I've had my escort for 18 years. I've replaced only basic parts such as belts hoses spark plugs etc. I've had the clutch replaced at 110,000 miles. It now has 143,000 miles on it. The car has been a great car handles well in ths snow and is fun to drive.
I got my 1992 Ford Escort GT 4 months ago. It currently has 325,000+ miles. It sat for two years before I got it on the road and now I am having a few problems with it. The electrical seat belts no longer work (not a problem with the fuses), the interior fan does not operate on 4, but will occasionally turn on, part of my instrument panel does not light up unless i smack the dash, my shift lights don't work, and there is a rattle in the motor. The trani shifts hard and there are many leaks consisting of oil and coolant... from multiple places. Despite all of this.. I love my escort. Had a 94' escort wagon before this that got to 217,000. I'm hoping to see 400,000 with this one. ^_^