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1991 Ford Escort (3 Reviews)
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Parents bought this Escort LX for like under $1,000 with 26k miles on it. I bought it from them with like 99k miles on it after I blew the head on it. I've had it and ran it hard for 29k miles and the most Ive had to do to it is change the oil, change the front brakes (caliper locked up), belts, hoses, radiator (cause I put a drill bit in it by accident and was getting ready to move to Florida and didn't have means or tools to change it.) Fuel pump (wrong diagnostic it was really a bad Mass Air Flow sensor) and the M.A.F. I do run full synthetic oil in it because the lifters rattle a bit. But the synthetic quiets them down. But overall I love this car. It will rot in my front yard before I sell it. I'm looking at modding it and fixing the crash damage from my first wreck even though it will cost way more than what I could sell it for. The 1.9 engines last forever if you take care of them. Last time my dad has oil pan off to re-seal it the factory swirl marks were still on inside cylinder walls of all 4 cylinders.
i have a 1991 ford escort. i love this car but it has been a pain my timing belt keeps breaking every two years. other than that though it is pretty cool, when i got it the car was kinda lame. I replaced the plug wires which were brittle cuz they were the original. Replaced the spark plugs, thermostat, fuel filter, and the water pump and timing belt 3X. but i have to say when it is working my car is sweet, quick, has great handling, and good gas mileage. i currently put royal purple oil and Zmax oil and fuel additive which made it ten times better. Soon it will be time for a new car but for now, like i said its a good car to have.
i wish the horn would work