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1990 Ford Escort (1 Review)
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This is really an '88 Ford Escort Pony not a '90, but the drop down list only went back to '90. This has been a great car. My brother bought it new in '88 drove it until it had 146K miles and decided to sell it and buy a new Escort. I bought it from my brother in '93 with 146K miles and today (06/17/12) it's got over 518,700 miles and still running on the original engine/transmission (never been rebuilt). This one outlasted the new Escort my brother bought by several years. This car sold me on Escorts, I now own 5 of them, an '88 Escort Pony 2dr hatchback,88 Escort GL 4dr hatchback, '94 Escort LX 4dr sedan, '97 Escort LX station wagon, and '02 Escort SE 4dr sedan. Total mileage on all my Escorts is about 950K miles with the '97 station wagon only having 32K miles.