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2010 Ford Escape (7 Reviews)
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2010 Ford Escape...I have had this 2010 Escape back to the dealer 6 times for the same steering problem...Driving down the street and the power steering QUITS never know when it will work or when it will fail..This the most dangerous SUV ever put on the road by Ford!! If you go online you will find that is is not an uncommon problem, yet FORD has done nothing to recall these Escapes..I suppose it will take a dozen accidents or deaths to get the the federal government to step in and demand a recall & a fix!!
I will never buy another one....I have had mine Escape for 4 months and its has been in shop 3 times...the last time it was towed as it would not move.You could press gas pedal down but it would go no where. While driving it I lost all power and had to drift it off the road, luckily both times I didnt have traffic behind me or there might have been an accident. First time I took it in for this trouble they said computer didnt show a code and nothing was wrong with it, but yet it had me sitting on side of the road. Two weeks later it did same thing but this time I had it towed to dealer. I have read in internet where ALOT of people have had this problem to the point it has gotten dangerous, as they almost got hit or cause accident. I think FORD needs a recall. It scary when you try to push gas to go and you just slow down especially when traffic is coming. I will not feel safe in this Escape...wish I had NEVER bought it and just kept my CHEVY trailblazer!!!
Purchased my Escape in Sept/Oct 2009. It currently has almost 65k miles on it and I learn that the a/c compressor, condenser, and accumulator is bad. I received an estimate from Ford and they want almost $2,000 to fix.

I think this is ridiculous. They put defective parts in the car. I have a 2001 Toyota Celica with over 170k miles and the a/c is running just fine. The only thing I've replaced on the Celica is tires, a battery, windshield wipers and kept up the oil changes.
Bought car and for the first year no issues. A/C stopped working took it to dealer and they said that there is a hole in the condenser after charging me $100. They said it would cost $700 to fix.
have 2010 escape,seems to be ok except when i push down on
excelator for fast pickup and it seemes to hesatate took shop
they sayed couldn't find anything wrong.but i no there is,don't no
what to do could someone out there help because i don't think
ford want me to give stars to soon to really tell.
Have owned the car since Dec 09--a good handling car, comfortable and good gas mileage..cons: If you are buying the car to tow behind a motor home (4 down) talk to the ?transmision guy...too much fluid in the trans, and you smoke the transmission...the Ford Motor Co...screwed up on this one...

I just received a "recall" on the trans monitor..have to take it in for adjustment...the trans is shifting rough and shifting guess Ford kinda screwed up on this trans...would I buy another one????I would have to do some more review of other vehicles before I purchased another Escape...
One of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned. I traded a 2006 Mercedes for this car and I don't regret it. So far, I can find nothing about this vehicle that I don't like. It rides nice, gets good mileage (I got the 4 banger), looks great insidea and out, and it has a great Satellite Radio. For the money, this is a great buy.