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2007 Ford Escape owners review and rate their 2007 Ford Escape.

2007 Ford Escape (5 Reviews)
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Engine replaced at approx 50K miles (warranteed). Not covered under warrantee: tension pully, V-belt (twice), alternator, electronic component for windshield wiper fluid, rear window cable/motor, NW&T brakes. Noisy ride!!!
2007 ford escape bought it new and it now has over 80,000 miles on it. During the time i have owned it,, Ive had to replace the Engine, transmission output seals, two alternators, two AC Compressors, two serpintine belts, tensioner pulley, half of the exhaust, two complete brake jobs, and a window regulator with motor because the cable broke. Thank God I bought the extended warranty, it paid for the engine and the transmission seals everything else was out of pocket
My wife says that this is the best vehicle that she has ever owned. Good visability when changing lanes and parking. No major issues. We plan to own this vehicle a long time.
I own a 2007 FORD ESCAPE it has 48,000 miles on it. I bought it brand new. It was in snow country for 3 months. Took it for brakes yesterday and the mechanic showed me and made me very aware that the whole entire under carriage is rusted out. He just broke pieces of my brakes, rotors,calipers right off. The exhaust is same way,cables,wiring,horn,radiator,battery box & spots on the frame!!!
I can not understand it..what do I do now.
I bought my Escape in November 2006 and I LOVE it. It is perfect for my young family of four. It is great on gas and comfort for the 70mile round trip commute that I drive 5 days a week. I am very consistant with my 3,000 mile oil changes and orther required maintenance and I couldn't ask for a more reliable vehicle. I think as long as a person is driving their vehicle the way that it is intended, any vehicle should last a long time.