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2004 Ford Escape (8 Reviews)
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Have had this Escape V6 since the autumn of 2003 and I have just under 100,000 miles on it and this vehicle has performed flawlessly.
I have always been spot on with oil changes and a weekly wash weather permitting but this vehicle still looks good and is still reliable as I head into yet another winter with it.
As one of the previous posters mentioned, it is big enough to be big and small enough to still be quite economical.
Wish they were still making them, would buy another in a heartbeat.
Oh, it is also a great vehicle for dogs.
I bought the vehicle with 208000 miles, It needed the tranny rebuilt. After rebuilding the transmission i was able to drive it. It ran rough and was hard starting, I replaced 4 coil on plugs that were obviously cracked, was still getting a miss at idle in gear and a code for cylinder 4, so I changed that coil pack too, it was better but in overdrive it had a miss , stumble, or hesitation whenever you gave it some throttle but not enough to kick down. just a stumble in overdrive when kinda lugging it. I changed a bunch of sensors to no avail, every sensor! Still had the stumble. I replaced the 6th coil pack and it still had the stumble. So I purposly drove it up hills with the throttle in that spot to make it miss enough to through a code. It would then through random misfire code and cylinder 1 and 3 misfire. I thought it must be a fuel problem, I verified that it had good fuel pressure and a new fuel filter. Still stumbled in overdrive. I put a tank of premium in it and 5 diferent types of injector cleaner in it at once and (techron) and I prayed to GOD and begged him to have mercy on my soul.
The car drove smoother and smoother within 20 miles was driving like a new car!!! Thank you LORD!! That is my true story, I wasted a lot of money on several sensors I didn't need, first thing I should have done was injector cleaner and replace all the coil packs. Good luck with yours.
James at Alaska Mobile Automotive.
I bought it new in April '04 now has 207,445 miles on the V6 and still runs like new, no repairs outside of normal maintance.Thanks Ford
I had to replace bad Ford brake rotors twice and had a complete transmission failure at 105,000 miles. Also replaced two ignition coils on the front due to moisture problems. It's a shame because the car runs and drives great when not in need of repair.
The wife and I bought a 6cyl Escape with the tow package brand new in 2004. It has over 100,000 miles and still runs strong. Had to replace the brakes and a couple of batteries, but an all around decent vehicle. In Florida it gets HOT. The transmission and oil coolers keep it running cool and smooth. Safe decent gas mileage and dependable.
I absolutely think this vehicle is a homerun. It is big enough to carry all kinds of stuff, small enough to be economical, tall enough to haul through all kinds of snow or rain.
It just seems to be a good all around vehicle.
We have had ours for seven years with only front brakes being done and regular oil changes.
Could be a Better
Problem with dead batteries.3 replacements. Replace alternator. No help from ford! Found out cause of electrical problems was bad GEM module. Had to trouble shoot myself. Had dead battery problems while still in warrenty, only to be told that there were no codes. Only 15000 miles. Also replaced front rotors and pads. For should had known about these problems.Otherwise satisified with vehicle in general.