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2002 Ford Escape (4 Reviews)
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Worst vehicle I have ever purchased. The 6 cd changer works when it wants to, the odometer light works when it wants to. the sunroof switch does not work, so the sunroof will not seal well, so everytime it rains, it floods the inside of the vehicle. Have just had all 3 catalytic converters replaced, along with egr valve and dpfe sensor....and check engine light came on two days after i got it back from the shop and gave them over $2000 to "fix it". Have also had to change the ABS sensor, brakes, belts and it it is leaking oil on the engine and needs new rear struts. Can't wait to get it running good enough to get rid of.
one of the best cars I ever bought
Where do I start, welll I just paid $4,000 to get a new transmission installed, The truck only had 73k miles on it the transmission went out. The brakes whre out very fast I bought it new in 2002 and already had two brake jobs costing over $400 each. I also had to replace front suspension parts , tie rods, upper/lower control arms damaged by regular wear and tear on street driving. Rust is forming in the inside rear door wells. The radio keeps jam ming my cds inside. Connector to one of the headlights shorted out,(plastic was melting) lucky truck didn't catch on fire. Vehicle sensative to high moisture air, trys to stall when humidity is very high. This will be my last Escape
I brought this Escape in 2005, used great only problem water pump replaced April, 2010 and now I need to have the A/C Compressor replaced July, 2010. Other than that I love my Escape with her 120,000 miles.