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2007 Ford Edge (8 Reviews)
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I have had this car since 70,000 miles one other owner well taken care of brake booster went out around 90,000 at a 100,000 I have since replaced a melted coil on primary a all the spark plugs both catylitic converter replaced the car has cost me over $3000 already only to find out the the ecm or pcm is faulty which has no recall yet definitely not bad due to wear and tear the car has almost been in the shop ever since I got it and am currently still having it worked on I am very disappointed in this car falls short of being at American made vehicle standards it looks pretty but parts are cheaply made
Nice comfortable car, but expensive problems:
1. Car would shut down to fault mode on transmission at highway speeds. Speedometer would go to zero and digital readout would go off and car would gear down. Problem solved by replacement of two sensors in tranny at $1,100.
2. Brake pedal low and mushy after repeated attempts to bleed electronically and mechanically. Dealer diagnosed problem as anti-lock unit and estimated repair cost of $1,637.
Both problems ridiculous on a car with under 90,000 miles. Ford offered no help.
I have had problems with a/c since I bought it brand in 2007. I have had it cked at different ford dealers they said fan blowing fine. But on full blast it feels like low and no circulation. Just had a all new fan and a/c unit put in and still the same problem no circulation. Ford this needs to be fixed in your edges! The F-150 a/c at full blast blows you out of the truck. WHY cant the edge have the same force?????

I have had to put a motor mount, transmission mount and new seal around the transmission all in this year in 2013 I bought the car brand new in 2007 only owner--SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG.
Just had the same issue as another review. Where had a hard clunking when shifting gear shift around 50000 miles, and speedometer cut out while driving on the freeway. Once stopped at a light and tried to drive, felt like emergency brake was on. Just found out the speed sensors failed putting the powertrain into a fault mode which defaults the trans to 4th gear. Overall no issues with the car for 5 years, I am the only driver and original owner and
Nice car all around. Very comfortable, smooth and quiet. Now for the complaints, had a hard clunking when shifting gear shift around 50000 miles, apparantly the speed sensors failed putting the powertrain into a fault mode which defaults the trans to 4th gear. Another thing is the brakes pulsate from the rotors not being turned true. Other than that I love the car and the performance.
We bought this after looking at CRV, RAV, and the Chevy version of the cross over. It is an incredible car. The power from the V-6 is smooth and always seems to be ready when I have to get on it. The only problem I have with it is the vents for the A/C Heat system, seem to push more air towards the driver, creating a "hot spot" or a "cold spot" in the vehicle. We are already thinking of another one when we decide to trade. GREAT CAR!!!
Excellent vehicle. Very comfortable. No problems.
awsome car drives like it will take off the ground beautiful sunroof we have the orange color 2007ford edge