1991 Ford E-250 Reviews and Owner Comments

1991 Ford E-250 owners review and rate their 1991 Ford E-250.

1991 Ford E-250 (1 Review)
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I love my van. it has been essentially trouble free after almost 20 years. Bought it new in '90 or '91. The only problem has been that the steering is wobbly - am going to check the steering arms. In spite of wobbly steering have had two blowouts at high speed and it responded very well. One problem that was not the van's fault is that mice got in the engine and ate up the electrical harness. That was an expensive repair. I cannot park it in a garage - it is too high.
Bought new seat /heated. Oh - and the outside mirrors are difficult to replace and expensive. And easily "broken" by others cuz they stick out so far. Had the A/C converted and it leaks in spite of repairs - have to recharge every year or two.