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1996 Ford Bronco (2 Reviews)
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My '96 Eddie Bauer has been and still is an excellent vehicle. I now have over 315,000 miles and going strong. It has passed the emissions test every year with no problems. I've change the water pump, and starter, idler pulley, tension pulley, last year the drive shaft because I didnt want to rebuild the cardon joint. I had the transmission rebuilt 2 years ago because the torque converter was acting up and the mileage on the vehicle was enough to just have it all done. This truck is remarkable. It goes where I want it to. I leave it running with the A/C on for hours during work, drive in some of the worst traffic you can imagine just to get to and from work. It would be great if Ford builds a truck this good when I finally do decide to buy a new one. I'm not trading this one in either. It's a keeper.
We bought our 96 Bronco XL w/E4OD & BW 1356 manual shift xfer case and manual hubs new in May 96 and it has been one of our best vehicles! No major issues exc. for 4WABS Module (burnt 2 microprocessors); two yard Modules turned-up bad too.
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