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1990 Ford Aerostar (3 Reviews)
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My 1990 Aerostar is a rebuild,paid $100 for it.So far ,it has earned the name Old Reliable because it has yet to give up and quit.I have the Long wheel based XLT model with the digital dash.
I have been offered $6000 for it,not for sale.
Looking for another one to give to my college aged daughter
i have a 1990 aerostar van i bought for 600.00. all it needed at time was brakes and freon. runs like a charm. plenty of space for me and my family. i love my van.
This vehicle was purchased in August 2008 from a dealer that specializes in previously-owned government vehicles, which means it was well-maintained. I bought it for $2100 with only 84,000 ORIGINAL miles on was a supervisor's vehicle with the local Parks and Recreation Dept.
It currently has 101000 miles on it. I have used it not only to haul my electrical tools and equipment, but also use it to deliver pizzas for a local Papa John's establishment.
I have had to replace the turn signal flashers twice so far (I'm a stickler for using my turn signals), had the transmission pan bolts work themselves loose ($54 total cost to correct), and just now have an issue with the starter (which I will replace tomorrow). Since I start the vehicle numerous times while on delivery, I sort of expect this to occur. After IS almost 20 years old and bound to have issues. So far the issues have been minor, and the heat and A/C work exceptionally well. However, I do have to keep tabs on the oil and anti-freeze, which are "self-changing", hee-hee. But again, it's an old vehicle. What did you expect?
Overall though, this is an excellent vehicle for the money, and even though I'm not a big Ford fan, have driven these vehicles in the past, and have had zero problems with them, even though they were loaded down with tools and equipment..
I can tell you this...they are a much better value than a comparable-year Chevy Astro or Dodge Caravan. I know this for a fact since I drove both of these other vehicles...and they don't come close to the Aerostar.