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2001 Dodge Stratus (4 Reviews)
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2001 Dodge Stratus 2.4L DOHC. 176K. Car has been relatively trouble-free. The suspension is getting soft but it still rides well. Nothing major has gone wrong except the PCM. Had to replace tie-rod ends, valve cover seal (that was a bitch getting to the bolts in the back), PCM went out, door window motor. Paint has held up and the interior looks great still. I'm getting a whistling from the dash though that occurs around 70 mph.
Bought the SE 4 cyl. automatic as a B'day present to myself, after driving several Stratus rental cars used for road trips. The only problem I had while it was still under warranty was the speedometer needle started bobbing back and forth. That was a little scarey, but no problems after that. This car gets terrific gas mileage and I just love the great power (for a 4-banger), as well as the solid steering!
This car is a bunch of trouble to begin with. If you go to and select it, you will see why I rated this car so poorly.
I bought this Stratus ES 2Door, 5 speed new in @3pt. 2001. Aside froma couple of engine sensors that have failed, there have been no problems. I still am averaging 25.1 MPG (2007), and have no other problems.