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2000 Dodge Stratus (7 Reviews)
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2000 Dodge Stratus 199,432 miles ,as far as the the body is concerned ,my rocker panels are decaying like cancer. the brakes i take care of , front pads and rotors about 25-30 thousand miles . rear 75000 or so. drive train , had to replace the shift solenoid at 65,000 miles, been good since.the timing belt went at 161,000 yeah i was dumb enough not to replace it earlier. electrical and lights, the only door switch that works for my dome light is my drivers door,the light for the shifter comes on and off sporatically.engine knocks a little when i start it up , i change the oil. as far as emissions, had to replace the gas tank filler neck , and as of 02/25/2012 sounds like i have an exhaust leak. i put many dollars into the suspension , seems like a weak part of this car. getting back to the hvac i let the the a/c go i dont use it,the heat is still very good although. any questions contact me. i have 199,432 on it ,i cant complain since i bought it new ,its still my still gives me 25 mpg.seriously!

Since I purchased this vehicle we have had to replace so much it should have been left where it was. I will never buy another Dodge Stratus. The purchase price is very reasonable but you more than make up for it in repair costs. If it isn't one thing it is another. I liked the cars ride, size, and gas mileage. In order to make it worth the cost it needs to be able to stay on the road and running. I baby my vehicles so it isn't becaue it gets treated rough.
I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus. It's a nice looking car and very comfortable. I've had it for years now and the only major fixes were to replace a water pump, rotters, and the gas hose neck. At over 265, 000 miles my car is still a great running, dependable car!
bought my 2000 dodge stratus in 2004 with 86000 miles. Made some initial investments I knew I would need at the 100000 mile mark. Change oil religiously. The car is at the 201000 mile mark and I think I'll reinvest. It handles great, looks great (little rust at corner of hood in front) Am very happy with it. Hope it could last forever.
i have a 2000 dodge stratus and while driving i felt the car shifting funny and noticed my speedometer jumping then the speedometer stopped working completely and transmission would not shift out of low gear.i have an automatic transmission and i believe its something to do with the transmission control module but not sure how to find out for sure which part it is,the fuse,relay or the tcm.any help would be appreciated.thanks,andy
In May 2001 I bought my dodge used with no more than 20Kmiles, really good shape the exterior color was not to good to say. I have over 180K miles on it now and the only major problem i have with it now is that i need to replace the AC compressor. I love it and would buy another one if i got the chance. Spacious smooth riding not to expensive to fix. Overall Good Car for ME =)
Bought new in 2000, the only time it's left us stranded is just recently, fuel pump went out, but for 130,000 miles I'm not complaining, it's been a great car, parts for are dirt cheep, I put some after market drilled and slotted rotors on the front, my Wife is hard on brakes and warped the stock one's.
Replaced all the plugs myself, this looks harder than it really is on the 6cyl.
The leading edge of the hood tends to rust out on 80% of these cars, 2000 and 99 I think, I noticed this by looking for one at the junk yard.
Put some after market wheels and tires on it, went up from 15s to 16s and man, it handles so much better with a little bit more rubber on the road, not to mention looks great with the new wheels, I think I'll just keep it forever, even though we have a newer car now.