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1998 Dodge Stratus (8 Reviews)
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217000 miles.This car has been a jewell!!! It had 60,000 when I bought it. The A/C pump went at 15000. Timing belt had never been replaced till 216000. Brakes, oil, lube, just regular maintainance. 32mpg on the hiway. The fan control switch only works on hi but for the miles, it's always been on. 2 years old when I bought it. You couldn't give me my money back for it now. I'll have it resprayed and completelly gone thru in the spring. Hoping for another quarter million miles. I add Dura Lube every 20,000 miles. No oil use between changes. I bought it 9-11-01, the day the towers went down. Ronnzo
Knew original owner since they bought it new, I bought from them at 10 years old with low miles. Generally do not like Chrysler products, quality not that good but this car is ok for the $. Car is peppy, good gas mileage, cheap transportation. Body, rocker panels, rust pretty bad, keep clean and in garage to help reduce. Trans is a problem, rebuilding it is likely (this one done at 30,000out of warranty, if I had to pay the $2000 for the rebuild I would have been furious). Likely to leak engine oil when older from gaskets/seals/etc. Again, if you can buy one with lower miles, they are cheap used, get good mileage, and if you get the larger 4cyl engine it is fairly peppy.
havent had any problem with this vehicle except for the normal wear and tear
I got my car in 2005 it had about 90,ooo miles on it .Its been preetty realiable,besides the fact the brakes skweek even thou the pads are fine.I also have a problem with the tranny shifting roughly at 35 to 40 , during eccleration.Does anyone have any advice . Thank you
my car has 252000 and still runs strong
I bought this car from a friend and it was great for the first month. it had 105,xxx miles when i purchased and within a month the fule pump went out and left me stranded. Then a few months later I had to replace all the bearings and tie rod ends. A week after that the piston rod started knocking and then a massive transmission leak! It always shifted bad and felt like it was always in second gear. Horrible turning radius for a small car and very little power. The body is completely shot due to rust and the suspention is rough. These cars are money pits and I have always kept up on regular oil changes/tune ups. They are known to throw a rod or the trani's go before they hit 150,000. I guess Im just used to my hondas, but this car is a nightmare!
I have had this car for awhile now. Purchased used, 89K, and it seems to be a decent car for what its worth. It sometimes has a slightly rough gear shifting, and I need to replace 2 motor mounts, which could definitely contribute to this. But, other than that, I like it. Would consider re-buying.
I bought this car 3 years ago. It ran pretty good up until the past year. I always do tune ups and my oil changes. It has only 70,000 miles on it and its had a major oil leak from head gasket, steering arm, tiers, ball joints have all had to be replaced. The brakes suck I've had them done 4 times. The car is as loud as a truck, the heater makes a whistling sound when on, loses power, and when it rains I get big puddles of water on the passenger floors front and back and my windshield sealing is perfect, and the list goes on. What the hell I swear everyday its something else. I would not recommend this vehicle to nobody.