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1992 Dodge Stealth R/T (1 Review)
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This is one of the most fun to drive, reliable, surprisingly economical head turning cars I have ever owned. Other than oil changes, spark plugs and wires, and an alternator... I haven't had to replace anything. The one previous owner had a new head gasket, water pump and timing belt installed at 90k. It is a 5-speed and shifts so smooth, its a dream to drive. Unlike the VR-4 which my uncle bought... I have had no problems at all other than the simple replacement of the alternator. He has had quite a bit of trouble with his Twin turbo model and spent thousands at the dealer... and for what? a car the can get to 60 a little over a second faster? Over all they are a great car. A little on the heavy side which is nice for traction but tough on gas. I get about 22 - 26 mpg with my DOHC 3.0. My uncle with the twin turbo gets about 18 when he's gentle on it... and when cruzin' around it drops to about 15. The interior is probably the biggest drawback... don't try to sit anyone in the back or it will be an uncomfortable ride for everyone in the car including the driver.... Its basically a 2 seater with 4 seats for better insurance rates. It has one of the best factory sound systems I have heard from any car. Incredible bass response with no sub-woofers and with 6 - speakers you can really feel it if you crank it up.

Known Problems?

These cars sometimes have trouble with the power antennas if they aren't oiled...

The ECS system (Electronic Controlled Suspension) has wiring that goes to every strut to be able to adjust them from the driver's seat. Often if the light gets stuck on... it is because one of these wires has worked itself loose... its the first place to check if you have a blinking ECS light or a ECS system that is stuck in sport mode.

The ECU's have short life capacitors in them which can leak electrolyte causing strange problems like idle surge, and sensors to seem to malfunction... I repaired mine with an 8 dollar kit I bought from ebay because I noticed 2 of mine had swollen and were about to leak... Never have had any problems.

Do not let these cars sit un-driven for long periods of time. If you must let it be in a climate controlled garage (Jay Leno will tell ya) Particularly on these cars... stealth's and 3000's The piston rings like to seize up from rust building up in the cylinder walls (from humidity)... as well as gaskets, vacuum lines, hoses, and cams bearings all dry up, Animals can make exhausts and intakes their new homes... and a whole slew of other problems can arise from sitting. These baby's are meant to be driven or at least started and run once every 2 weeks or once a month minimum up to normal running temperature.

There is much more I would like to write on here but I'll leave it at this. If anyone as any questions they can contact me at