2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 owners review and rate their 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500.

2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 (3 Reviews)
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Some 2-3 years ago my van started smocking black, a lot. I was shocked as my 100k bumper to bumper just expired. SO the thought of dealer's repair was simply off my pocket chart. Researching online I found a guy who he says has been trying to "open the mind' of the manufacturer and present an invention of his to fix a problem with just exactly the kind of symptoms my 2500 Dodge Sprinter year 2006 was experiencing. After reading and finding amazing similarities with what he wrote in his website and my real 'ugly and embarrassing ' exhaust smoke I decided to try the invention. $70 .
I easily installed the part and immediately the problem was gone and since no similar problem has occurred.
The Sprinter needs a tilt steering-doesn't allow the drive many postions. Much straining with no tilt steering.
Sliding door needs to be power or to buy as an option. To big of a door- gets jamed- must be on level spot. Tore my shoulder out.
Dash controls are very confusing- also not lite-up as most.
Cup holder is place to low- need to be at dash level.
Driver side is very hard to get into- running board to narrow.
No lights at drivers feet unless you open door and then very dim.
Engine to date very good-no problems at 8,000 mile-Brakes-Drive train-Exhaust-Air are very good.
Suspension needs some better idea's.
I would buy again- my van is custom for traveling- people are not on top of each other- very roomy.
Drivers Control Unit Indicator light - is the pits- Have replaced this system twice- 6 hour job and $2500.00 cost. Something is bad wrong in this area.
Bad-keys lose the ability to start engine-the codes get off-set. Had to tow my 1 hour and family/pets had to be picked up by cab-was on vacation. Happen twice. I hope Dodge get all this problem stuff fixed---because I like the high ceilings-and roomy.
Love the Engine -Deisel great Milage - Not lacking power on the go ... ** Warning: Replace glow plugs every 35-45000 cheap fix compared to Seized plugs breaking. ** Plan on repainting as this things rusts like I've never seen before ... Rotors are disposable plan on buying every 35,000 the second that pad is gone so is your rotor..... and to top it off dont leave your interior lights on or flashers with engine off for more than 10-15 because auto voltage sensor once below certain point wont allow starter to crank to avoid this replace battery every year.... Good Luck....