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2010 Dodge Ram 3500 owners review and rate their 2010 Dodge Ram 3500.

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 (4 Reviews)
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the rear rumble is the u joint at the rear 3rd member rusted and is locked up iv replaced mine sounds weard but they wull rust and lock and vibrate
2010 ram 3500 straight shift best pulling truck i've owned until last week. Out of the blue truck started to make a rumble and a roar while slowing down. First i thought it may be the tires,then the brake or rotors. So far i've found nothing but the noise and the shake has gotten worse.
2010 dodge 3500 cummins. Overheating everytime I start to pull a hill. The temperature gage rises fast. I run the heater fan at high to blow off some engine heat, which helps, but usually end up pulling over on the bigger hills. It is only pulling 2200 to 2500 RPM and it's not under any strain, plenty of motor.
i have 2010 dodge 3500 6.7 diesel that's overheating, have change water pump, power steering pump, thermostat, new belt, coils have been cleaned. Temp gage jumps rapidly to hot when transmission down shifts when climbing hill with load.