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2005 Dodge Ram 3500 (2 Reviews)
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I love ny 3500 truck,411 4wd, 4doors 160000.miles 19.2 mpg overall
i bought very nice truck 2005 ram 3500 5.9L cummins turbo diesel in april of 2012 with 129k miles. It was hot, Red in color, drove well. 6 speed manual. May 2012. Flywheel gone! started shaking alot. Spent $1500 to fix. In couple months of light driving, didn't pull anything, found out there's oil leak. was leaking from Engine and Tranny. ( 140k miles). Fixed it. I can tell the maintenance is expensive. November 2012 ( 160k miles) Leak from Rear end. December 2012. Noise from rear end. Fluid level is normal. Replaced fluid. noise still there. Drive shaft is clunks inside of rear end and you can feel this bad feeling when shifting and clutching. In December 2012 replaced all filters, fluids again. Went to TX from NC, everything was ok, After 1000 miles on 65 mph something start Knocking and black then white smoke from underneath, and truck shut off. We ( my family and i) parked on shoulder on the bridge over the river. Here's whats happend, rear end aLL SMOKING, Truck don't start, when tryin' to start it it knocks and white smoke comes off. I was in SHOKE! Everybody told me Cummins is best engine ever! and this truck by itself. So for now Engine is Gone at 165k mil. Rear end is Gone, Major oil leaks from everywhere. I Don't suggest to buy one of those cute hut dually dodge trucks. Yeah I was look great on this truck. Everybody was jealous. but not after it broke down. And now to fix it, imagine how much i need to spend? probably i'll buy a good truck for cash for those money.
Also i have 2005 Ram 2500 Hemi 5.7L. Bought it almost new. My wife drove it very nicely. 4X4 knocks Always, now knock in front end. Very expensive to fix. Heater gone one day. Knocks in engine.
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