2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Dodge Ram 2500 owners review and rate their 2002 Dodge Ram 2500.

2002 Dodge Ram 2500 (4 Reviews)
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Truck only has 54000 miles on it. Only problems, so far, is the Abs pump ran all the time until I pulled the fuse and the four wheel drive light does not come on when in 4 wheel. Garage kept so no cracks in dash board or any rust issues. Love my truck, does seem to shift late and hard at times. Tends to want to lunge while at stop light, feels like someone bumped me in the rear. Don't know if that's usual with the Diesel or what? Diesel was 75 cents a gallon cheaper than gas when I bought it. Don't think I would buy another.
My gas 2500 has less than 45,000 miles on it and the vehilce is simply a pile of rust - even my mechanic has never seen anything like it. Just repalced a rusted exhaust manifold, rusted malfuncting coil, crank sensor, front shocks, rear brakes (complete). Vehicle steers all over the road due to old style system (non rack & pinion). Four wheel drive dash indicator replaced twice and still does not work. Defroster/heater selector gets confused. The rust is very bad for a relatively low mileage vehicle. Gas mileage between 9 to 12 MPG. Sorry to say, would never purchase a Dodge again unless they really improve this vehicle.
This truck has 114,869 miles on it and like every other Dodge this year or older the dash has cracked every where even when the windows are cracked and a vent shade in the winsheild in the hot South Texas sun. The dash was only 2 years old with 56,000 miles on the truck. the other interior is kind of cheap byt is okay its just the plastic parts.I have had Ford Super Duty work trucks up to 10 years old with no cracked dashes shame on you Dodge they know of and admited that there is a dash problem. A/C comp. is in the worse place its on the bottom of the motor on the exaust/turbo side and that produces the most heat over there and the engine is desighned to suck the heat out the bottom and it goes right over the A/C Comp. I have had to put 3 A/C systems on my truck my self im a retired Field Mechanic form Cat. Besides that the truck runs good has plenty of power and has never left stranded any where. Chnaged oil in it every 5,000 miles with Rotella 15w40 and keeps on going. Cummins replaced the injection pump and lift pump for free when it started acting up at 96,000 miles and updated with new injection pump and lift pump this was before low sulpher diesel. I put Lucas diesel fuel additive in the fuel tank when I fill up to suppliment for the low sulpher diesel. Besides that it a great truck I use it to two 15,000 punds all the time and has never let me down.
The 2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4x4 Cummins Turbo Diesel Laramine is possibly my favorite truck I have had thus far.

It took every bit of 4x4 ABUSE I threw at it. Hauled some crazy above payload loads I put in it and kept cranking up for more every day.

I drove it like a sports car (its very stiff suspension made this easy) and treated it like a 30 year old beater farm truck on the farm.

The only issues I had were:
At about 70k on it I blew a right front brake line and had to limp home and to a repair shop using my manual transmission for brakes.

At around 80k the very heave tail pipe from the tip to around 2' back broke off and I had to have a new one welded on.
My guess is from too much jumping and banging the poor truck all the time plus I am sure I have bottomed it out back there a few times.

I did not even plan to trade it in but I was just looking at a lot as a lot of other truck loving guys do one day and got an offer I could not refuse on a new one that normally I would not afford.