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2001 Dodge Ram 2500 (10 Reviews)
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This is a great truck. My only gripe is the air conditioning, which from what I have read online in forums, was a sore point in many Dodge products for that year. This truck rocks in all other respects. As a precaution, I put a hi-power lift pump on it to keep the VP44 injector pump lubed and cool. I pull a big 5th wheel over Snoqualmie Pass in Wash. with no problems. The truck is rock solid. My wife says its too noisy inside though, which it is but that's what I love - that old school diesel rattle. Mine is an '01 with the high output motor and a 6 speed manual. Try to find one with 150,000 or so miles if you can; you'll pay about 13 G's for one in good condition; that's cheap when you look at the cost of the newer diesels.
I have a 2001 Dodge 6 speed HO Deisel Ram 2500 4x4. It has 138K miles and has not needed anything major. This truck tows over 13,000 lbs, gets over 20MPG empty and is been bullet proof. I 4x4 over the Colockum Pass which is one of the toughest in all America. I also have towed a 35' triple slide up many passes and done over 50 MPH. You do have to lubricate the fuel like any diesel engine built before 2007. This is so fuel pump will last. Low sulfur diesel is here to stay, so make sure every other fill up to add lubricant to your fuel. P.S. all the mechanics and tow truck drivers in Ellensburg drive a similar truck!!
The gagues from jump street purchased tk new was a source of junk,oil pressure to charging system all faulty.three set of brakes in less than 100,000,a complete tranmission,headlight goes off for no reason and air conditioner migh as well have a block of ice cools better and more offen.the diesel can not beat only reason to by dodge
Stay away from Dodge! I bought my last Dodge truck ever - a new Ram 2500 HD diesel. How Dodge could manage to screw up the Cummins diesel engine is beyond me - but they did it by surrounding this great engine with a combination of POOR MECHANICAL DESIGN & POOR QUALITY FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS. I've had BOTH fuels pumps replaced (first with OEM, then with aftermarket) twice in less than 105,000 miles! The design Dodge came up with ensures a $3,500 repair every 50,000 miles, as the lift pump quits & that trashes the injector pump (a $1,500 part). AND, that is WITH changing the fuel filter every 3-5k miles! You've been warned...
owned this 2001 dodge truck for 10yrs.i will have this beauty another 10 yrs.great truck
I purchased my 2001 Ram Quad Cab 5.9L Cummins Diesel used in Oct. of 2010. When I bought her she had 30k mi. Since then I put another 30K on her. I do a lot of heavy towing with it and have only had one major repair. At 50K I had to replace the injection pump. I was disappointed that this occured with just 50K on it but other than that it has been a very reliable truck. In fact I just purchased another identical truck to add to my fleet. The only difference, this one is a 1999 with 124K. I also own a 1996 with 253K. Gotta love a Cummins
Great truck when I can keep it running 147k and I am on my 4th vp44. Upgraded fuel system with every type pump known to man. Still can't keep a VP-44 from failing. Ran fine till the low sulfur diesel. Afraid to drive the truck out of the local area. Recommend don't buy a 99-02 Cummins Stay away from the vp-44 injector pump. Guess what I am doing this weekend? This VP-44 lasted 60 miles.
My father bought a 01 Ram 2500 with the 5.9L Cummins and it is now in my name. We both over 10 years of driving this truck just triped 415K and the only thing we have done to this truck is replace a fuel line, so if you are looking for a long lasting truck with motor the Dodge Cummins is the best way to go. We have pulled everything from 6KLBS boats up the steepest grades to hauling a trailer loaded down with four-wheelers 2 to 3 hours in some of the most roughest terrain. If you are looking for a great truck I wouldnt stand by none other than a Dodge.
This is by far the best truck I've ever owned. 5.9 CTD combined with a 6 speed is unbeatable. This truck is rated (from the factory) at 14k towing in reality it'll pull 20k. Only problems I've had with it are putting a thermostat in it and I need to replace a drag link to get rid of the play in the steering wheel (common thing with a dodge right along with a track bar). I've got the H.O. which was only offered with a 6 speed transmission and it was worth the extra money. It's got 178k on it with the factory clutch in it and it's still very firm. Overall this is an excellent truck for anybody that wants a workhorse. Just be sure to empty the blow by canister every time you change the oil, if you don't you'll get oil leaking down the front of the engine.
i bought this truck with 123k and now after 1 year of owning it, its got 150k and only put in one major repair. this truck has plenty of power and i have slow benn upgrading it so that it will save me money in a long run.. 01 quad cab, 6in lift, 35" bfg, boost fooler, smarty, egt boost tranny gauges, upgradeing lift pump this week