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1998 Dodge Ram 2500 (5 Reviews)
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I bought my truck back in 2003 1,000.00 miles at that time never replaced a thing till 2009 the axle seals went out now my trucks up there 2,000something no problems with it till last winter boy that winter did a number to it had to replace injector and powersteering pump. Nothing ever magor I had an accedent in it a nissian pathfinder rear ended my It got totaled my trucks bumper pushed in. I drove it home and noticed it pulled to the right I told the Inserance people and they said it was not part of the accident I said ya right FIX it so if you have an accident it any car truck make sure they check brakes and transmission my trucks calibor was stuck and a friends transmission was not right. But anyway now sence my truck came back from getting another seal put in this June on the axcle he told me they put the wrong bolts so now thats done and now my air goes off sometimes when I step on the gas whats with that? But you now after owning a 1 ton 78 Chevy and a half ton Ford I will never go back My 78 Dodge 2500 4by4 ROcks
1998 Ram Quad cab, 4x4, V10, 2500, Long Bed, 105,000 miles, fully loaded, automatic. Bought the truck in late 98 with 24,000. Have had no major problems. It is in the shop today, rear tranny seal is leaking. Have replaced brake pads once. Everything still works, no rust, sits inside. Had it detailed last fall looks like it came off the showroom floor. Was looing at getting a new Dodge last year but can't justify the price difference for the new one when there's nothing wrong with this one. The V10 will pull a house down, only get 10 mpg, pulling or empty, but I least I can pull anything I want.
I know many of you may not beleive what I'm about to write but as God as my witness, it's is 100% true. My 1998 Dodge 2500 SB truck w. 5.9L auto trans started developing weird electrical problems at 85K miles. The latest goes like this: OD button became intermitant so I took it to my mechanic who is an absolute Whizz. He found that he could get it to operate if he put a turn signal on, turned the dome lite on and had the drivers side door open. No, I'm not kidding. So he orders the part all the while begging me to dump the loaf. So meanwhile after he works on it the low fuel indicator light doesn't work but the audio portion still does. No big deal but this is where it gets weird. The truck stopped shifting out of 1st gear. The first time it happened I was low on fuel so I stopped and got $30 worth. It starts shifting again. Coincidence I figured. A few days later same thing and the fuel was low again so I put $30. Starts shifting again. I'm not saying a word to anyone.So 3 more times it happens over the next 10 days so it's no coincidence! Any ideas?
Towed heavy up & down Alaska HWY. Reliable: Cummins has never had a problem in 200,000 miles. rebuilt rear end and front end at about 150K. Tranny just started slipping this week. *auto. Replaced injector pump at 90K was good for another 90K and had to do it again.
I have 228,000 miles on this truck 5 sets of front pads, One set of rear brake shoes, 3 throttle position sensors and about 35 oil changes. Never left me stranded and always used Napa parts