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2004 Dodge Ram 1500 (20 Reviews)
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2004 DODGE RAM 1500
2004 Ram 1500 4x4 with hemi

This is the second Dodge truck I've owned and will be the last. I've paid almost 4k in rebuilding the front end. That is also not mention all the cheap interior parts I've had to replace and all the other annoying crap, that is obviously just poorly made. I will be going back to Nissan and Toyota products only. Sorry Dodge but you need to focus on quality control, big time.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
This truck was my husband's "baby" until it let him down. He was driving home from work one day and all of a sudden heard a weird noise and then the truck started to run like crap. Once he finally had a chance, he started to investigate what the problem was. (He is an ASE Certified Mechanic with 30+ years experience) Finally, he found the problem and was very disappointed. One of the pistons shattered. A huge piece of the piston broke off and was just floating around in the chamber. Obviously this has to be a casting defect but we don't know who to contact to see what Dodge and/or Mopar plan on doing to make this right. The truck has less than 100,000 miles on it and should have ran for a lot longer than it did. plus we haven't heard about anybody else running into this problem. Any suggestions on who to contact? Any infor would be helpful, thanks.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I have had my Dodge now for three years now. I have the oil changed every 3000 miles like clock work. I change the spark plugs every 30,000 like the owners book says to. This 2004 truck has been really great until now. I now have 122,000 miles on the truck and for some reason I'm getting a multiple misfire on 1 2 3 and 4 cylinders. I replaced the crank position sensor, put new plugs wires and coils on the truck and still have the same problem. Any help on this problem would be great.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
original owner of ram 2004 4.7 quad cab truck has been very dependable 142,000 mi the major disapopointment has been the rusting out around wheel wells on rear this problem started when truck was only 6 yrs old brought it to dealers attn. and was told they would not do anything about it.we live in northeast and truck was always washed in winter to get rid of salt build up.the seal between double layer truck wall was not a solid welded seal but tack welded so moisture could get between walls.never will I buy another dodge because of this problem and lack of action by dodge will drive me back to nissan
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought my 2004 4.7 ram brand new and gas was over 1.00 a gallon and I loved it,,,it now has 92000 miles,,,3 water pumps so far terrible gas mileage since gas is almost 3.50 gallon I use sythenic oil in the truck,,, I have come to realize that the 4.7 liter engine is the worst engine dodge has made,,truck is pd for and could not get nothing for it,,,,,

2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 L. SLT. Im the 2nd owner bought it with 37, 000 miles on it. Can say enough about this truck its been very good to me. I now have 246, 878 miles on her. I change the oil every 6, 000 miles andbuse only the best oil every$10 qt. I do have an electrical issue that i cant fint, if i let my truck sit for 2 days or more she wont start. I stpped setting the alarm thinking that was the issue however it was notbit. I replaced the batter and that was notnit. Any advise other than that i love my truck really best purchas ive made in years still looksblike New Inside and out, the complements really make me feel great. Does anyone have advisebon the electrical?
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I am the original owner and have 85k on the odometer. I love the power and styling of the truck, also since I am 6'5", the room in the drivers seat more than adequate. I have driven from East Coast to West Coast 6 times so far always hauling a loaded car trailer with no more than a blown tire along the way (air bags on the rear are a big help). In the 7 1/2 years I have owned the truck it has needed an EGR Valve replaced which was a simple job that required just a $60 auto store part and about 30 minutes of time to fix, gears under the seat replaced after 60k miles probably because of my size (and I like to play with the adjustment on long trips), and new shocks being replaced currently at 85k, which should have been replaced a long time ago anyway. My only gripe is the in town gas mileage which is on par with other 2004 full size trucks. When I drive carefully I can get about 14mpg in town. I love my truck and until something with significantly better gas mileage is released I will not be getting rid of it.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
Bought this ST Regular cab short bed new in VA. Beach, don't drive it in the winter here in NY and the body is like new, I have lowered it 2" in the front 4" in the rear with drop spindles and new leafs. I have literally driven this truck like I stole it every chance I get (very agressive launches) I have replace the R&P with 4.56 richmonds at a pro shop and had a faulty pinion lose 2 teeth after 20K miles. On the new Richmond gears R&P and this truck is still the most fun truck I have ever driven, no issues whatsoever other than the reflective oval on the interior of the door fell off for some reason (tab broke). I get about 12 miles to the gallon because I got this truck for the fun factor, not the mileage and the way I drive it. I have around 60K on this truck and plan to keep it...It really needs a stroker 426 and a few other things to be complete...maybe that will happen if I can get this Hemi to break. So far, much fun! I had a Chevy 1995 new in the box before this I put over 210K miles on. I would never expect this truck to withstand the abuse I put on it, so I know I won't get that kind of mileage out of this motor, besides.....I never planned on that. The only thing I miss is the silverado features of electric windows and locks.......other than that, no way I'd condsider a Chevy unless it was for utilitarian purposes. My Dodge is Badazz fun!
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought my 04 SLT Quad with a Hemi in March of 08 with 104,000 miles on it. Have put another 121,000 on it since then. I can't rave enough and I am currently facing a water pump replacement. "Bertha" has been nothing but a sheer joy to own. Dependable, most repairs are understandable to due to her age and the mileage... I really can't say enough about how much I really have enjoyed this truck. For a truck she's fairly fuel efficient as trucks go, (getting right over 20 on the highway with a fresh oil change and running a higher octane fuel.) the interior has held up through the years, (no cracked dash in this model)and the body style remains one of my favorites as far as Dodges go. I bought her with glass packs and nothing makes my heart happier than to turn the key and hear her rumble. This has been really the best used vehicle purchase I ever made and one of the rare times you'll ever hear that a used car dealer wasn't lying when he told me this was by far the nicest truck they'd ever had on their lot. He was right, she really was the best thing I could have purchased and this comment is coming from someone whose opinion of Dodge trucks was in the toilet due to my dad's 01 V6 1/2 ton. I know all models have their duds, but I hear more positive reviews from 04 owners than I hear negative comments and that speaks volumes as far as I'm concerned.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I own a 2004 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi that I have religiously taken care of for 7 yrs now. It just turned 37,000 mi. New brakes, shocks, tires, and servicing at the dealership. Now it has a new radiator. Little did I know that the radiators are aluminum with plastic sides that numerous truck owners have had to replace. Lucky for me, it was still under the last month of warranty.
I also have had the rear transmission seal replaced for leakage just because my driveway is on a slight incline, and the pressure of the tranny oil would cause it to leak. I now back it in to park. The right side of the rear end would slip when making a right turn taking off from a dead stop. Dealer could not find anything wrong.Did I mention the that the differential takes 4oz. of slip oil when getting it serviced for $250.00. Now it is losing power when trying to pick up speed on the freeway.
I just can't wait to see what the next 37000 miles is going to bring!
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
2004 Ram 1500 4x4 quad cab SLT, white with grey interior, 4.7 and 5 speed auto, original owner, only 31,000 miles but they are hard miles pulling or hauling something every mile. I pull an enclosed trailer, a 22 foot boat and a landscape trailer with it. No problems, very quiet and comfortable, dirt cheap to run and maintain except for the gas mleage of course. I probably could have used a 2500 diesel to also properly snowplow with, but the maintenance and purchase cost was so much higher it wasn't worth it to me. It sits outside and I wash it a few times a year but always pressure wash off the underside right away after any salt. I don't recall ever waxing it. It looks new and gets COMPLIMENTS from strangers which always surprises me, it's not lifted or chromed out, it's just a clean 7 year old truck. People just seem to like them.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
Love the truck, but now i ran into oil pressure problems and from I read online. It wont be an easy fix.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
My truck has about 105,000 miles on it and I am the second owner. Up until now I have had normal wear and tear like the water pump; no big deal. Now I started having trouble with the A/C on the passenger side barely blowing air. Now it is both sides. It sounds like the fan motor is really blowing like it should but not much air getting through. I like the little 4.7L V-8 but I don't like the dealers explanation for the white goo that builds up on the oil filler cap and inside the filler tube. i haven't looked real hard but you know it has to be inside the block and in the pan. I guess I will hold my final judgment after I have had it a while longer.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
Dodge Ram 1500 came a long way from its sister trucks from the 80's and 90's yes they have problems and yes it cost to get it fixed.

my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 has 675,000 miles on it, the only trouble I have had is
water pump
I drive a average of 780 aday in my truck and I love it
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
While the performance of this 1500 RAM Hemi 4wd truck is great, the reliability is very disappointing. Only the 1st 20K miles were trouble free. Since then there has always been a problem w/ the truck. At 20K miles the rear end was replaced & was problematic until it was again replaced at 60K miles. Front ball joints were bad at 65K, Drive shaft u-joints at 75K. The EGR valve has been replaced & the Engine management computer reprogrammed, yet engine codes still complain of a faulty EGR valve. Now at 88K miles it needs 4 wheel bearings. This truck is a daily driver, tows & hauls very little. At this point in the game Chrysler should be making reliable trucks. It appears that much of the hardware is under engineered and not up to the task...So much for RAM tough.
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
At under 70.000 miles The truck needed a new rear end replaced, a new radiator, new rack n pin, the electric panel on the drivers side door went bad , leaks transmission fluid at the pan after having it serviced at a dodge dealer. coolent resevoir had to be relaced becaue the original couldn't handle the overflow. some thing went screwy with the gas tank vent tubes , could'nt put more than a gallon of gas in it at a time..........Damm what a piece of junk....good going american auto workers......
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
amazing truck!! i have had this truck for 6 years. its a 2004 1500 didg ram. the only problem is the left lamp always goes out
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought a 2010 Dodge Ram Quad Cab it is a great truck. It has style as well as power. I got a great price and I kept my 2004 Ram at trade-in. It has 120,000 miles on it and I still love it. Thanks Dodge
2004 DODGE RAM 1500
I've had my 2004 Dodge Ram SLT Quad Cab for about 5 1/2 years now, and it only has 37000 miles on it.
Since I purchased the truck there has been a knocking/banging noise under the hood somewhere that neither I nor the dealer could ever find. Everytime I hit a bump, it bangs loudly... sounds like hard plastic hitting something else.
Also, I had my power seat replaced before the truck was even a year old because everytime I stopped or took off, it moved (slack). Still did it with the new seat so I gave up.
Now, the real problem.... With ONLY 37000 miles on the truck, the front suspension sounds like a 1954 Chevrolet station wagon that never saw a grease gun. I bought grease and crawled up under the truck only to find two more problems........ NO grease fittings, hence no way to maintain your suspension without shelling out big dollars to the dealership, and also - all of the rubber sleeves/bushings are collapsed and torn open. It literally looks like they were never greased before it even left the factory (though I know they had to have been). So now, I cannot grease my front suspension at all due to torn bushings, and NO grease fittings. What a stupid thing it is, not to make it possible to do simple maintenance on your vehicle!

I love my Dodge truck, I really do... but I'll never buy another one. Too many (mostly) small irritating problems with the truck.

Oh, and another thing. The paint is so thin that any time you lean against the truck to get anything out of the bed, you leave scratches on the bed. On my bright red one anyway. And boy do they show up.