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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 (11 Reviews)
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I have a 2002 dodge ram 4.7 4x4 , went to drive it home , had no power RPM went up to 5000 reved high then truck shut down , was able to tow home , but got home and can't move motor I think it's seized or transmission its gone ? Anyone know ?
I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 about a year ago my electrical system shorted out.It turns out that the fuse box a hole in the top cover about the size of a quarter. I took it to a dodge dealer and they claimed that this was the first time that they had ever seen this and could not tell me how this could happen. Well yesterday I noticed that it happened again. the plastic appears to have "melted". This was a very costly repair. This truck has 65000 mi and is garaged when not in use. Has anyone experienced this and if so do you know what is the cause?
Dodge Ram 1500 2002 with 45000 miles. Dash board cracked in many places. When I climb a steep grade I hear a squeaking noise and the smell smoke. Tranmission ? The motor is runinind rough. The dealer couldnt help me.Time to scrap this truck.
2002 dodge 4.7 4x4 52000miles started to rust around tire driver side bed.replaced brakes at 50000 miles.heating system works sometimes .blower motor works fine but blows cold air sometimes can't find anyone that can fix it
i have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 i cant get the ac to switch on all the way it fill like the door in the fire wall is not turning on i dont get any defrost a little heat i check all fuses but all are ok i put a new ac fan on it i get about 63% ac out but but not much air comes out of the vent's none on the floor can some one help me
i love my truck, but there are somethings that i would like to make changes to. i own a 2002 1500 5.9L 4x4, and the transmission is out in it. the truck gears just started slipping one day, then the whole tranny went out. now im dealing with a shady tranny mech. this shady mech, he has told me that the truck i have had a problem where when the truck was in idle or n park, there was no tranny fluid that ran thru the transmission. that only when the truck was moving did the fluid ran thru the transmission. this is the reason the shady mech. said that i had to pay $2,300 to have it "upgraded" to fix that problem. so if anyone out the has an extra transmission im in need of it. :)
i bought this truck used. at 25000 miles my rear end blew apart. not even 6 months later my transfer case went out. have a cracked dash in several spots, it leaks out of the grab handles electrical problems all over, wont start when its damp out and the wipers turn on whenever they want. replaced the brakes 3 times within a year around 50000. exhaust rotted out around 30000. big disapointment . i will never own another dodge as long as i live. i love my ford powerstroke but its too bad the ram sits now cause im affraid to drive it without some else going wrong. chrysler you get an "f" on this one.
Right now at 157,000 miles...never had it to a dealer yet. I have 4.7L, average 18 mpg in summer, 15 in winter, Occasionallly, I tow a boat and pop-up. Smooth and tight on the highway. Terrific throaty exhaust. It's been through 3 teenage daughter drivers, and still a good daily driver. My first "new" truck and I love it.
Right after I bought this new the computer module went out and it took alomst a week to get replaced because it was a new model. I have not had a problem since and it is now 7 years since I bought it. It gets great mileage for a full size truck with 14-15 in town and 20-22 on the road at 60+ mph. It now has almost 100K and runds great.
Had to replace the 4.7 engine after 120K - not a good engine if you do much heavy hauling or towing.