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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 (22 Reviews)
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2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I purchased my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 Quad Cab short bed four months ago from the original owner with 226,000 miles original engine original transmission. The dash is in perfect condition no cracks. The interior is leather and has dried out a bit on both front seats, but I used a leather conditioner which helped. The truck drives like brand new with no signs of excessive engine oil consumption. Suspension is superb. I also purchased a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 V10 long bed with 165,000 miles in 2013 from my brothers mechanic who took excellent care of the truck. This truck is bullett proof and is built like a brick sh__t house solid as hell and reliable. Original Transmission and no excessive engine oil consumption. You guys wouldn't believe what I paid for each truck. $2450 for the 1500 and $2000 for the 2500. I saved myself $100K+ and these trucks will last 20 more years!!!
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I need to know where the long and short bolts go on the waterpump.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
Have a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD with the Cummins. GREAT!!! Blows away any Chevy on the road. Put a programmer in it and getting 22 mpg empty and 15 towing a 14k horse trailer with a living quarters. The only problem is it is such a great truck, I have no intentions of buying another truck.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I have a green machine 2001 dodge ram 1500 laramie slt 4x4 5.2ltr. I bought this pick up with 13 miles on it. At the moment there's 200,880 miles on it. I do the normal 5,000 mile oil change & other routine maint. & yes as the other reviews my dash has cracked & my A/C clutch siezed around 160,000 & I had my tranny rebuilt @ 188,000 & ny rear end went out when I was on the highway bout 170,000 miles. But its not likt I don't use my pick up. After all it's a pick up I couldn't start to tell u how many days I've gone without hauling something or pulling a trailer with either a couple tons of hay or a couple tons of fire wood or logs. But i'd have to tell u the most memorable 1about 8 years ago is the 9 tons of sod I hauled. Yes I probably didn't help my rear end or tranny but I had 3 tons in the bed & 6 tons on a trailer. I was pleased with my pick up. since I've bought the pick up I've replaced the brake pads twice about to do the rotors & pads again. Added a 45 gal gas tank so now I can put 71 gals in her & the only thing extra I'm going to do is switch out the rear leaf springs with some heavy duty 2300lbs ea. Spring. & if u ask me if I'm gonna buy a new pick up... I'll simply reply NO... this one isn't even broken in yet. Great job on this one dodge. You dun good!!!
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I will never bye another dodge product , my dash has cracked and crumbled. the air condition has give me trouble since I have owned this truck, 2001 dodge ram 1500 4x4 Laramie I have owned other dodge products before no more.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought my Dodge in 2004, with 50k miles around 100k body rust galore the typical doors and wheel wells, cab corners, been through 3 water pumps, tranny been slipping since 90k, replaced front axle seals at 110k, brake lines corroded in half along frame, check engine for evap code lead to a crack around gas fill neck, 02 sensors constantly, heater core just went at 160k but still running strong, love to buy new, but rebuilding my 2001 RAM
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
Front wheel bearings replaced at 100K, A/C compressor clutch seized, oil pump replaced, OEM allow wheel (rim) broke while driving, body is a rust-bucket, pronounced valve tap, blower motor for the heater rattles when on, fog lights quit working, Check Engine light has been on (intermittently) since 105K miles making inspections a thrill. I am not in construction but use it for light-duty transport and hauling (bicycles, camping gear, etc). Not as good a truck as I hoped it would be.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I have owned Dodges since the late 60's. They used to be a good truck until the GREED MONGERS hijacked America in the 80's..........since then it's been all down hill and they can't figure out why??? They are starting to figure it out now that they're all bankrupt or close to it!
Being in the construction industry, I have always fixed my own equipment. Shops will rip you blind!!
A couple of authors complain about just about everything on the truck. First of all, it requires daily maintainence like anything else. You can't just turn the key and drive it!! Another issue, if you're buying the cheapest parts money can buy at Advance Auto or one of those discount auto're getting what you pay for!!!
I have a 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara with 150,000 miles and it's only on the second set of brakes! I drive with common sense, don't tailgate, and I buy premium quality ceramic pads!
My Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 has 170,000 and it's only had maybe 3 brake changes. You have to grease them once in a while, change the oil every 3000 miles and use Mobil 1 Synthetic or Amsoil.....quality oils far separated from all the others, I did extensive research on this issue because we have a lot of equipment and use 55 gallon drums of it...........not quarts!
Mobil One oil filter as well. You want a filter that gets maximum micron filtration to take out the contaminents!
I know why people complain because I have family members that just buy a vehicle and turn the key...........never seen a oil change........matter a fact, my brother doesn't even check the dip stick! People like that get what they deserve.....headaches and unreliability!! I have several friends with Toyotas all getting well in excess of 300,000 miles. My brother got 78,000 on his and the notor puked!
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I ordered my 2001 quad cab new. First few years were great,then it went down hill from there.
Check engine light has been on since 2005, emission code.Can not fix,I have to reset it and drive for a few days to get it through emission test.
Drivers side heated seat no longer works.
Fog lights do not work.
A/C compressor bearing seized at 65k,
Brake lines rusting out at 65k
Coolant leak at 97k, turns out to be leaking from timing cover.
No tranny issues as of yet (jinxed myself i know).
Ready to have a bonfire with it.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.2 V8 this truck has been excelent with one exception. when I operate this truck with snow on the road my crankshaft sensor malfunctions. This happens every time I use it in these conditions, After the third time replacing the crankshaft sensor I have not run it in the snow. This problem does not happen under any other driving conditions. Any input on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
The body has held up nice. I had to have the transmission changed at 100,000 and the emissions has just been a nightmare. There always seems to be a leak somewhere. The heater core went out at around 80,000 and it seems to eat ball joints. I'm a fireman so the brakes are just because of the way I drive the thing, they hold up pretty good. All in all it's been a pretty decent vehicle with really not that much maintenance.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought my 2001 Dodge pickup in February 2001. There was a short in the rear driver side tail light when I bought it, but the dealer fixed it that evening. About 40,000 miles later, my front driver side caliper locked up. Again, the dealer fixed the problem with no charge for the damaged part, but i did have to buy the brake pads. Other than that, I have driven it 180,000 miles with no major problem due to workmanship or parts failure. This has been the best vehicle I have owned since I started driving over 25 years ago.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I am a woman with a 2001 dodge ram.I loved the room inside the truck and we load up gear and go to the beach alot.But for the rest of the truck it was terrible. Broke a rocker arm on the head at 2700 miles was in the shop for tranny problems twice.Made the dealer pay for my rental cars and canceled my warranty with him and bought from someone elses dealer.Now I am having problems with acceleration problems.I take really good care of my trucks if you would see it,it is clean kept.But dont let it fool you it is junk.It only has 66,000 miles on it.Thats right 66,411 to be exact next car Honda.Honda is made in America Dodge is made in Mexico.Check yours out Surprise!!!!!!!
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I purshased my ram brand new in 2001. it has almost 200000 miles on it now. yes i did replace the trans at about 80000. since than dodge replace that trans with a better one. I just finished haulling 75 yards of stone for brick pavers for my house, and there wasnt a load under 1500 lbs. the biggest load was 2100 lbs. i new i had to replace the ball joints thats why i waited to replace them after. i have abuse my truck, hauling stuff, going up north, 4x4. It is a 4x4 package with a 360 engine. she is still running like a champ. (knock on wood) change oil every 3000 miles. 2 places on it has rust not bad for living in michigan. I understand the new rams are alot better. my 15 year old is going to have my ram and i am going for a new one. yes it will have a hemi.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I would have to say Dodge vehicles are not in my future ever again. I had bought this truck brand new and the first two years of ownership it was in the shop more than I drove it. Furthermore since 2003 it only gets about 3000 miles per year and now it is really starting to fall apart. Transmission, ball joints, body rust, A/C dont work(4yrs), Dash is gone, Master Cylinder. I have always babied my trucks and it does not seem to matter with this one. It only has 88000 miles to boot. I am picking up my new F350 this week so this one is up for sale to another individual with a lot more time to work on a truck than me.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
Bought my 2001 Dodge Quad cab 4 X 4 with 60,000 miles on it in 2007, Since then the dash has cracked in numerous places, most of the door speakers dry rotted, a retaining clip failed in the trac loc system. After I payed the bill of $1300.00 the service manager let's me know that in would be cost prohibitive to do the rear end repair at the service center, because the trac lock clip had broken in some strange way that it ate out the wall of the housing that encases. He did quote me a $1000.00 repair for the upper and lower ball joints that cracked at 80,000 miles. Dodge has lost my service work. This union carpenter who always buys American may just look for a reliable Toyota if Dodge can't get it together.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I bought my 2001 ram used about three months ago ,yes i put a new transmission in it , but the motor has 230,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ . The dash is not cracked and i have nt had any problems with the brakes . I beat the crap outa my truck and it stll wants more . BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!!
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
i bought new. I now have 150,000 miles.he dash cracked after about 45,000 miles for no apparent reason.The tires had to be replaced at 40,000 miles because of sever cupping the tires were rotated as recommended. I have transmission issue right now
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
Bought this new in WV & used it all through those mountains & coal mines. Brought it here to TX & now looking for a Toyota. Had too many trans problems, brake problems, dash cracking, rear end replacements, & the list goes on. Constant brake problems. Am a true American, but for my hard earned American George Washingtons, I will have to say the foreigners have a heads up on durability. Like any worker of today, my truck has been used, but not abused. Parts are expensive even if you do your own repairs.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
At 87,000 miles the transmission is failing, the break lines have rusted out and all had to be replaced, the spare tire is smaller in diameter then the rest of the tires, the air conditioning system leaks, the water pump started leaking at 30,000 miles and had to be replaced, the Chinese made break rotors have been replaced 3 times the pads once, the exhaust manifold bolts are rusted so badly the can not be easily removed, the tires had to be replaced at 40,000 miles because of sever cupping the tires were rotated as recommended by the manufacturer, however I still have the original battery and it still works fine and has been professionally tested an found to be OK. I purchased new in June of 2001. The engine runs well. There is no rust on the body.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I've been driving Dodge trucks since 1985. This is my second one, bought new. I now have 150,000 miles and I'm on my second automatic transmission. The first one went out at approx. 120,000 miles. Since then, I've spoken with others and there is definitely a Dodge truck transmission problem.
The other complaints I have are the paint finishes and the interior dash. The finish on the hood and roof is almost non-existent. The dash cracked after about 20,000 miles for no apparent reason. It's now in various pieces.
Other than those problems, everything else has has held up pretty well, but I don't think I'll buy another. Looking seriously at Toyota.
2001 DODGE RAM 1500
I love my truck, transmission issue right now and some sort of other issue but still looking into it .