1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Dodge Ram 1500 owners review and rate their 1999 Dodge Ram 1500.

1999 Dodge Ram 1500 (7 Reviews)
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I have owned my dodge 1500 for over a year now. I bought it with 110,000 miles on it and it now has 156,000. The transmission had failed me but that was a known problem when I bought it. Since the rebuild it has been a strong reliable truck. It towed 1,000 lbs. of tools and my 1982 corvette from Minnesota down to Arizona no problem. The most frustrating problem is the plastic. Dash is cracked and the cup holders never worked all of the exterior plastic is faded badly. I can find a cup holder or dash that isn’t broken anywhere unless I buy new. All in all the truck is solid and for the price verses dependability it blows ford and Chevy out of the water. By the way I love having a full steal bed and body none of that fiberglass crap.
I bought my 1999 Ram 5.9 used with 30K on it. It now has 146+K on it and I have had no real problems. I replaced the radiator, and the freeze plugs all around. I am now having a problem with a vibration coming from the engine. It is no missing or any or the injectors. I have removed the serpentine belt and started the engine and the vibration is still there. I believe it is the harmonic balance wheel on the front of the crankshaft. What should it cost to have this repaired. I need to know to decide if I want to keep the truck or not.
I bought this truck as a third owner, this truck was driven to near death, literally. I have the Laramie SLT with 5.9litre 360 and 4x4 with an automatic transmission. This truck is almost fully loaded there might be two or three option it doesn't have. The only real problems are the feel of the brakes, their not as tight as I might like them but they do thier job. The A/C takes a while to get cold even after I recharged it, but once it gets there it is ice cold. The steering seem to be quite loose, not sure if that has to do with some kind of adjustments or not and it could some heavier suspension components for my liking. Overall this truck is very dependable and luxurious, will tow or haul anything I have ever wanted, (around 7000lbs on a trailer so far and around 1500lbs payload so far.) Great truck in nearly all aspects.
Have a 99 Dodge sport quad cab., with the 5.9 engine. Had to replace intake manifold gasket, (under warranty). It likes to go thru,right u joint. That has been the only issues. Have over 300k, on this truck. Can't say I've taken the best care of the engine, (change oil when it looks past due). never cared about mileage, drive it like I stole it., always have. Best damn truck i've ever had!. Passing it on to my son. Thing is a AWESOME truck! God Bless my Dodge
love the truck just alot of problems! now the engine is knocking whats next to go wrong!
Dash board is brittle junk plastic, Bump Steer & Death Wobble are very hard to fix, Transmission has had issues sence it was new, The Cats fail early, Engine looses power do to spark knok & detanation, Heads crack do to cat failer, Front axle seal's fail often, & The Track Bar fails all the time. They should have done more to fix these isues that everybody that owns one is haveing, Instead they turn there cheeck & wonder why there company is strugleing & failing.