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1997 Dodge Ram 1500 (11 Reviews)
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Got my dodge used. Always wanted a dodge and took me till i was 29 to get one. Its a 97 dodge 1500. Put a bout 200 bucks in it since i have had it. Thats counting normal coast like oil change exc. Gets 25 miles to a gallon and im not complaining. think its been twink alittle to. Paid 4500 bout 600 under cost or so i was told. Used the 4x4 once, in the snow. 3 inch lift kit on it to.
Junk Ram 1500 SLT 4x4. Owned since new. At 66000 miles Transmission replaced, Fuel pump died, passenger mirror flaps in the wind,dash is cracking and falling apart. Rear chrome bumper rusted through. Bumper trim turned from black to green. body side molding peeling. Got only 80000 miles on it 15 years later. Sorry to say this was a regretful purchase. shame a almost $40000.00 truck doesnt hold up better than this. Buy Ford.
I bought a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD on Memorial Day. Found the selling on Craigs List (risky...yea I know) I checked it out the guy I had bought it from was selling it, because it was his dad's truck and his dad past away earlier in the year. I could tell the truck was sitting for a while. I bought it for $4000 it only had 75,000 original miles on it (got a carfax to prove it) and sice owning it I put about $1000 into it, All fluid changes, filters, replaced some vlv's, A/C flush and new tires. Runs like a champ. I have more people tell me I made out better then the seller. HOnestly I don think the guy new what he was selling. HE actually thought the year was 1996...opened the hood and showed hiim the manufactuer sticker that says "1997" I love this truck and I hope to get an extra 100,000 miles out of it before I tradeit in. Ihad a used car sales me call me and try to sell me a 2002 Ram 1500 for $6500 with 125K miles.....I told him no and what I gotten and he hung up the phone.....
Well got this truck form a used dealer....bad idea, with papered 108,551 miles on it. later got the carfax and it was last registered at 254,998. So im assuming it has about 310,000 on it and the 10000 mark on the odom is offset so its obviously been tampered with, but thats beside the point. I havent had too many problems with this truck for how old it is and how many miles it has. I have to replace the valve guide seals and the distrubitor cap and rotor and spark plugs but other than oil changes and routine maintenance thats it. For all that have been having problems with your transmission, I have read alot and experienced alot with my truck since i bought it and found that if you turn off overdrive at all times unless on the freeway, you should not have problems with your transmission because at lower speeds your automotive computer gets confused and you may not notice but it will constantly be switching in and out of overdrive. I started doing this after a month with the truck, and havent had problems since. Oh and getting online and odering electric radiator fans for it, take the belt driven fan off and the electric ones should bracket right on the outside the rear of the radiator. This will increase your horsepower, gas mileage and it will above all make your water pump last longer!
My paint is peeling all I have is 124, 000 miles I have only put on 60,000 of this. I am told I need to replace the rear end. Def not getting my moneys worth. I don't know how they manage to hold value.
My 97 Ram 1500 has been overall a good truck. Only issues Ive had are the front 1/2 shaft U joints keep going out and I have a dragging brake caliper. Other than that a fan clutch, O2 sensors are the only problems Ive had. After 13 Minnesota winters, the body is finally starting to rot. Overall a pretty good vehicle.
Only have 76,000 miles on this 13 year old truck Have replaced the brakes and the shocks only once but now the master brakes cylinder is going out. had to repair the air conditioning system but other than daily wear and tear this has been a very good truck.
Ok I have a 1997 Dodge ram 1500 Magnum and I was driving and the power steering stopped working... So I was freaking out, and stopped at a gas station and there was steam rising up from the hood so naturally I opened it and it was on fire... Thanks dodge but I soon found out the promblem it was the water pump and right now im trying to get the water pump off the dang fan.
my truck needs body work and suspendtion work and brake and a catalik converter
I love the look and sound of a (good running) Ram. But after having this truck for 5 months and having to change out the transmission twice already, and the problems with my wife's PT Cruiser, I will never shop Chrysler again. I wanted a "good hard worki9ng american truck", but got a POS instead. "Disappointment" is a mild word for the way I feel about it.
I bought my Dodge ram w/ 135,000 and the trans soon went after that, then again at 195,000. Also had a problem with the Harmonic balancer the rubber went on it and caused the balancer to rub a hole in the timing chain cover. This gave me a excuse to install a new timing chain, motor is the 5.9 and have no complanits there still running strong and thats with pulling a 300 lb trailer daily for three years straight