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1995 Dodge Ram 1500 (12 Reviews)
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i love this truck
I bought a used 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 4 x4 with 11300 miles on it for $4000. After purchasing it I immediately took it to get the fluid changes done. I noticed the sticker above the drivers side window said next service due at 11200 miles. After having the oil changed, I was surprised to hear from the mechanic that the oil was still pretty decent but, I insisted on the change anyways and all of the fluids including the transmission, and gear boxes were in great order. He inspected the truck front to back making sure all the lights worked. No oil or water leaks anywhere insight.Looking underneath the truck, he even went as far as to say the truck probably has never even been off road. The truck was deemed flawless except for the usual clear coat flaking on the hood, front and front fenders, and the usual carless door dings 3 to be exact, the truck is a dream. I bought it so I can tow boats. It has a lift kit, an awesome tow package, giant off road tires, with a beefy exhaust system. I do however notice, a little play in the steering. Should be an easy fix. It certainly rides like a monster truck. A big difference sitting so high above the ground as compared to driving around town in my 1984 Corvette. or my wifes 2014 Rav 4.
Three years ago I purchased my first Dodge product, a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 360. It already had 150,000 one it and quite a bit of rust but still ran smooth. Over the past 3 years I have had no issues with the truck other than replacing power steering hose, egr valve, and broken gas straps. This truck has been the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned and I intend to keep it until its dying day which I hope is many years down the road, but when that day does come I will certainly only be in the market to buy another Dodge Ram!
there is a leakage between engine and gear box and the jack when the speed meter is getting 100km per hour.I wanted to know the cause of the problem.
i have a 1995 doge ram 1500 it gets 27 miles to a gallon of gas. just can't find the part i need to get the brake and abs lights off so it won't pass inspection. haveing a lot of truble because they don't make the part any more. love my truck it still runs and drives like a new one it has 173,000 miles on it.
We bought a dodge ram 1500 series, and we have over 200,000 miles on it and now we need a rear end, which is the fault of my own for the mistreatment in hauling this and that. I want to know when do I have to worry about replacing the engine. Some say pretty soon because of the mileage already on my engine. The truck runs great and is the best at getting things done. I want to keep my truck running great but want to be aware of problems before hand. If you know about engine spect. please respond.
my ac and heater will not switch it throws som ac but not a lot
This is my second Dodge ram 1500. My first one was a 2001, v6 with auto transmission. I had it over 5 years and only replaced tires and oil changes. Best vehicle I ever owned. But it was totaled by a f5 tornado in May. Needing another vehicle, I bought a 1995 Dodge ram 1500. This one has the 318 engine and standard transmission, which I liked. But being that I bought this from someone careless with cars... The rear axle went out, replaced it. The ball joints also got replaced as they were severely worn. Then it was idling bad, discovered several open vacuum lines, and the egr valve was not only dead, but had open lines. Fixed what I could, then took it to a auto shop where they told me the computer was out, and now have to bring this to a dealer to replace the computer and whatever else is wrong with it.Lesson learned: don't buy a vehicle from an irresponsible person
I purchased a pre-owned 95 Dodge Ext.Cab 4x4 1500 in 1998. The truck already had close to a hundred thousand miles on it. The gentlemen I purchased it from provided me with all the records for the truck when I purchased it. I have maintained the vehicle as described in the owners manual and it's performance has been outstanding. The vehicle currently has 332,000 miles on it and I still drive it today. I had a couple of problems, one problem about 5 years ago and I had to replace the transfer case and transmission, but this was due to my own carelessness. I took my boys out mudding in it and i bottomed it out in a riverbed and cracked the transfer case and transmision because I didnt reattach the skid plate after seviceing the vehicle, and the second problem was the rear axle again fault of my own, I heard the noise from the bearing but wasnt sure where it was coming from so i just blew it off and you know the rest. Other minor issue come with time in service, but heck I'm quite happy with the performance of this truck. So all you complainers' beause you have to fix a little something now and then the key word is "maintenance".
This is my third Dodge I have owned it since July of 08 with 75,000 on it it now has 132,000. Had the typical intake manifold leak and needed a tune-up when I bought it but other then that no problems since then I had to replace the EGR valve and fuel pump and thats it. I had a 97 1500 that had 245,000 on it when I got rid of it and had one break down in the 200,000 miles that I drove it at 225,000 and it was the transmission.
The thing is Dodge has gotten a bad rap for their transmission but if you will read the owners manuels it tells you how to take care of them which no one does. They are supposed to have the fluid changed ever 30,000 notice I said changed not flushed and the bands tightened when you change the fluid I have done this with all my trucks and have not had any problems.
I own a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 with a V6 and automatic trans that I purchased new. This is your basic truck (I believe is called a work special or now I think that they call it WT). It's 2 wheel drive. Overall this is the best truck that I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot of trucks. Its relatively quiet at hwy. speeds and the seat is pretty comfortable on a long trip. Gets 20 mpg/hwy. Don't recommend this truck for someone that needs pull a trailer, as it doesn't have the power of a V8 or diesel. It now has 106000 miles on the odometer. The only 2 significant problems I had were a leaking steering box (seal). Tried replacing twice, still leaked, so replaced the steering box ($400). The other is a common problem with this engine. The timing chain can stretch and the gears will of course show significant wear as well. The good news is that I got 105000 miles out of that chain. The symptom is a rattling noise that is heard at the front of the engine when it is idling. You definitely want to replace this if you have this problem; if it breaks you could ruin the engine and that would be very expensive to fix. Timing chain and gear replacement cost me $700. Note: both repairs were done at an independent shop and not a dealer. Other than that it has just been routine maintenace.
I bought this from a co-worker a year ago. It’s a 4x4 340 engine. It had 219k miles when I got it. It now has 223k. I had one minor problem, a break line go. He changed the oil every 2500-3000 mi. I am doing the same. It has been a great truck. When it dies and I need a new truck it will be a Dodge Ram 1500.