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2007 Dodge Nitro (6 Reviews)
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2007 Dodge Nitro R/T....Paid 28K cash

Great car? Whaaaaaat? I bought my Nitro the introductory year 2007, biggest mistake I have ever made. How many recalls issued on this vehicle in 4 frickin' years? 12? How is it not considered a lemon? I brought my car to the dealership for an oil change and some recall repairs...They replaced the wiper motors and resealed the roof rack....4 weeks later the engine blew.....The filter they put on the car was defective plus there was no gasket when then ruptured filter was removed. They replaced the engine under warranty, that was good....However, I had to return the car 4 times becuz while in operation, the engine would quit and the electrical system would fail...No power steering and no brakes, great in a Chicago winter. This all becuz of bad computers, 4 of them. Then the wipers failed with their new motors....The roof rack seal is not only gone, but the rack is cracked in 3 places....I don't use it!!!!!!!! I have three windows I cannot lower becuz the motors have failed, the drivers side door handle has broken, the emergency brake engages in cold weather and etc, etc......So many problems with this car, I have returned to the dealership multiple times for repairs, only to have the issue arise again....The Nitro was a piece of JUNK!!!!!!! I paid cash and wish I could afford to get rid of it now....I seriously hate this car and it's worth nothing at trade in....Less than 3 years after buying the car, it was only worth 5k at the dealership....Dodge knew they built a POS!!!!!! Why only run it 4 years???
I have had my Nitro since 2007 and absolutely hate it. The engine light has a mind of its own. Goes on and off and can't seem to find the problem. Luggage racks started coming off after warranty was up and of course they are over $250 for new ones. Make horrible noise when going down road. Driver's door handle broke. Wipers are horrible and have to replace blades constantly. Dealer told me seats would not stain. That is a laugh. They look horrible and you cannot get it out. Paid for and will keep and run into ground as I do not want to give these problems to someone else. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!
I have had my Nitro 2007 for a year in feb.The drivers seat is manual but the adjustment piece to raise or lower the seat has broken into many pieces. Also when i put the 4 wheel driver on and try to disingauge back to 2 wheel i have a grinding sound for days. My engine light stays on for weeks then just goes off. My seats are stained with blue and orange marker that i can not remove. Thank you for your time.Yours ,May Lookadoo p.s.low head lights dont seem to be bright enough. Again thanks for your time.
This is THE worse vehicle I hace ever owned! I have had nothing but problems since the day I drove it off the lot!! It seems that if it wasn't the brakes it was the wipers (the blades need to be replaced ever 2 - 3 months because they skip so badly) or the check engine light stays on. It's always something. Now that it's paid for I'll keep it but I'll definitelt discourage anyone from buying a Nitro. BUT, if you do decide to buy a Nitro, beware, the dealership will tell you that the seats have some sort of stainproofing that covers the seats and allows you to just wipe stains away. That's not true, your seats will stain even worse, and nothing will get the stains out.
The problem is I cant figure out how to get it out of Anti theft mode!?!?!?!
Vehicle purchased for commute and hauling occasional trailers (boat, seados, motorcycle, lawn mower etc.). Hauling works great, however, transmission is a bit clunky requiring some pushing to get the vehicle to downshift for passing. Brake components are already needing replacement - oddest one is brake calipers wearing down faster than expected. Odd failures include two stereo head unit failures and cruise control failure by this point in 3 years of ownership. Note: no handles for entering or exiting SUV from front seats but having handles for back seats seems odd too. Cabin noise was expected when purchased but makes vehicle virtually obsolete in the current vehicle market. Steering is a bit loose but again expected - a commuter vehicle not a sport SUV. Truck based so the ride is rough - expected but given new competition again vehicle obsolete. Body styling decent but cheap interior offsets any impression from the exterior. Stock tires last 60000 miles so there is a plus. And for towing the solid rear axle does outstanding - though for larger trailers the sway is annoying even with a sway control bar. Overall a decent versatile SUV for those who need to tow but can't afford a nicer truck/SUV.