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1998 Dodge Neon owners review and rate their 1998 Dodge Neon.

1998 Dodge Neon (5 Reviews)
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My car has always been reliable...up to the now 88,000 miles.
Only two major issues have been...since a wreck in front end many years back...(not my fault; repaired)...the A/C was NEVER fixed THREE different garages. So now I have NO A/C...and the SUMMERS KEEP GETTING HOTTER..MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY. Also...since 2009...the bottom side boards keep re-rusting; I had them redone twice; now there is a HOLE. I think I may be ready to trade it in...only due to no A/C & the rust. ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD CAR THOUGH. Loved the light metallic green.
Have a 1998 neon with double overhead cam engine, the fans don't want to work, have done everyting that we can think to do, also engine check lite, won't go out no fault found
Have a 98 neon w/ 55,000 miles on it. Recently ive been getting lousy gas mileage and the engine is backfiring but it seems to backfire from front of engine.Chkd plugs and are fine. Put diagnostic on it and code 150 ? came up. Does anyone have any advice as to what is problem? Thank you. Cresh.
this car is starting to give me a headach
I have had problems with this car since I got it. I have had issues with the gasoline mixing with the oil in the engine compartment. The car runs, but it does have a miss at times. The O2 sensor is the problem it keeps going out, but I don't know what is causing it to go out.