1995 Dodge Neon Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Dodge Neon owners review and rate their 1995 Dodge Neon.

1995 Dodge Neon (3 Reviews)
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I love my 1995 neon sc.I have replaced the ac, timing belt, head gasket, tie rods, ball bearings, 2 sensors, and rotors since i bought the car in 2001. I still get 35-38 mpg. The radio went out last month so I will get a new one soon. Has over 225000 miles.
I have had this Neon for under 2 years... I have never been able to drive it for more than 3 months without a repair having to happen.. I have had to replace the tires within the first 3 months, all brakes, rodars, starter, alternator, muffler, and also wheel barrings. Not to mention the oil changes to keep it up to date. I would never recommend a neon to ANYONE.... its a pain!!
I just got this car and didn't pay much for it... took the bumper covers and trim off and painted them. It's a cute little die hard! Lots of them in the junk yard for parts too. Mine is the super basic model with no a/c or power anything, 5 speed manual. It gets 40 mpg!!! And it loves to go! I have to replace the timing belt soon but that's the only thing. I put in a new guage cluster with a tach - love it! Had a spare radio and put that in no problem - I like this little cutie. Nice, cheap, nimble, and sips the gas! :)