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2006 Dodge Magnum (7 Reviews)
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my '06 magnum which I bought used with 61800k had sat for about 14 months and seemed to run well when I test drove it but now the gas petal sticks and will rev to 4k for about 6-10 secs before returning to idle. I have sprayed the pedal arm where it looked like there may be a problem but no help. anybody experiencing a similar problem?
I purchased my 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT in May last year. The car has 175k and 3 weeks ago the timing belt shredded and now the car has no compression. I was informed that it was a non-interference engine. Now I'm paying for a car that doesn't even run.
im on my second magnum. the first was a 2005 and was hit after only owning it for 3 months. the second i bought used about a year and a hlaf ago, its a 2007. the car is the light blue with 22 inch wheels and fat tires. looks great. it ran well and i put about 40 thousand miles on it since ive had it with the oil changed ever 4000 miles. i am now getting a sputtering when first taking of like its missing. if i take off fast the check engine light comes on but will go off sooner or later. it also cuts out very bad when the A/C is on it almost feels like it shifting gears when im stopped when the A/C is on, it lunges while my foot is on the brake. so im starting to have some issues. another one is the electronic module control light or the little lighting bolt on the dash, has come on and off for the last few months. i love the car, it has been really great to ma and my family, but im concerned this might cost me a fortune.i dont want to get rid of it, but i dont want it to cost me more than a new cr either.
My car seems like it has bad gas in it, I have changed up da gas & i have put treatment in it. I thought it was the spark plugs & wires but its not. So now I feel like it's the fuel filter, could I be right?
I bought my car used in 12/08 because of the body style, gas mileage and cargo space. I put 22" rims on it for style and it looks great. I love my car and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I currently have a squeak in the steering wheel and the mouldings on the car are not fitting quite right (I believe it was in an accident before I bought it) but overall it's a wonderful car. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
This is a great riding car. I find that the front end of this car is too low. One time when backing up after scraping a parking barrier it tore the bumper loose partially. With that said the underside has an engine/oilpan cover that scrapes on curbs and parking cement stops ripped off and had to be removed. It did not affect the mileage and once removed made it easy to change the oil should you want to do so.
i just bought my Magnum nov 5, 2008 and i instantly fell in love with it, the amount of room it has and the ride, this car is a joy to drive