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2005 Dodge Magnum (6 Reviews)
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I have over 190,000 miles on my mag and you is still doing great! i have had to replace the brake pads more then seems normal but i doo drive alot so no big problem. the only thing about this year magnum (and maybe other years) is that the front suspension lower control arms are crap! i replaced them with factory arms at about 140,000 after listening to the "clunk" sound for too long and it has started again at 190,000. these arms should last a hell of alot longer but don't. i did have to change the water pipe/housing that runs from the thermostat under the intake manifold and to the firewall because the old housing was leaking but it was very easy. so in the end my mag has been a champ!
We have an 05 Dodge Magnum and Dodge should have left this car in pieces on the assembly line, due to the fact that it is nothing but JUNK!! We have put $3000 in rear and frontend parts and that is with doing my own that is parts only. Dodge should have made the parts cheaper knowing they were junk. I think that Dodge should stand behind their junk because they know they made the mistake, and this car doesn't even come with a dipstick to check your tranny fluid, you must go to a dealer and have them do it for you. I don't think that Dodge did a very good design job on this car. This car really has me debating on changing my mind on Dodge products. This car is a piece of metal scrap! To the junkyard it should go....
Where do you start when safety becomes a problem? I bought my car at the end of 05 and went with the Hemi for fun. The car has been nothing but pleasure until... Beginning this year (2011) I got in my car to pick up a kid only to find out the rear brakes were locked. If I did not have the horsepower there would have been no way I could have moved. After a trip to the dealer it was repaired. Or was it? In July, while making trips to the store I got in my car to come home and the brakes were locked. I was lucky so far, however today I was not. On the way home from work I noticed the car appeared sluggish. After stopping at the bank and heading home I notice my brakes slowing me down. Short of end of this - I almost didn't make it home. I am beginning to worry about my safety. What's next? Having the brakes lock up while going around a turn on wet roads? I'm about ready to contact an attorney as a CYA.
I enjoy the roominess of the car. We really use the space and it's a great family car. We can fit 2 adults and a child with a car seat in the back seat comfortably. However, I've had very poor performance from the engine. It repeatedly (but intermittently) has a rough idle upon starting, and will nearly stall out with the engine choking and sputtering. The CEL comes on with multiple misfires. This started after owning car 1.5 years. Multiple trips to dealer, and $3K in various "repairs", it finally stopped after I insisted the fuel filters be changed (cost $1100). The first dealer could never diagnose the actual problem and it would usually happen on the drive home again from the dealer. The car was pretty good for 2 1/2 years, then it started again. It's been back to a different dealer and like the first they can't diagnose it. I'm fed up with this car. It's not reliable, and no one can diagnose the problem. I've poured way too much good money into this car, it's only 6 years old.
over 100,000 miles and nothing but tires and oil changes have ever been preformed on my car!
I bought the magnum to load up my hiking/camping gear still be able to sleep in the back for a cross-country adventure. To my dismay the hatchback leaks, getting everything and me wet when it rains hard (no leakage with light rain or car washes). Also, the car rides very low, it easily hits bottom over rocks and potholes in gravel forestry roads. Otherwise, all else is great, runs good.