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2013 Dodge Journey (4 Reviews)
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We bought our dodge journey 2013 last august 2013..I was so happy to drive new vehicle that i thought its reliable coz its brand new. Not even one year yet i got the problem, the power steering was broke, so we took it to the dealer in fort sainth john, bc. they fixed it. After 5 months the car got problem again, even worst problem coz you cant even drive the vehicle. So we called the chrysler and they adviced that they gonna towed it to fort sainth john dealer. And its because it was long weekend, the next working day the fort sainth john dealer called me and asked why our vehicle was towed to their place. My husband told them that there is a problem on that vehicle need to fix. They told us that they cant fix it so we need to wait maybe 2-3 weeks. The next day they phoned again and told my husband that the vehicle was fixed and they want us to get right away, My husband said we cant get it right away coz we are 400 kms away to that dealer ( atleast 4 hours drive). But the customer service answered rudely that we need our vehicle to be out of their place right away or else they gonna put it out of thier property... WOW, what a service they gave..Until now we did not get our vehicle back yet...
Worst car ever. Dodge is a joke I have a 2013 Dodge Journey purchased new in summer of 2013. Starting having problems until 24,000 miles which is brand new car - Transmission slipping took back to dealer did get replacement w/out no cost now the engine is not good sounds terrible needed an replacement. Now stalls which this problem happened since July when took my wife and 3 kids to Myrtle Beach SC luckily did have nearest Chrysler dealer in area took most of our vacation money spending on a damn module. After got back to MD notice I was losing power all gauges were going down back in with customer service I need another transmission because of coils misfired one 2nd transmission. In November 2014 happens again almost rear ended when on 1-75 heading towards Baltimore contacted Chrysler myself no help from them I have all service records and everything proving that got repairs done on this vehicle now this time I have to pay on a new transmission. I spent some money on this vehicle besides the engine/transmission got brakes replaced 3x plus rotors and dash lights would go off randomly. I will never buy a Chrysler product ever again might be looking at Honda next time because I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle.
I bought my car and there has been a vibration while driving all the time. It has been back to dealer 4 times and I called Chrysler and nothing is being done. Brewbaker Dodge doesn't want it coming back anymore for this problem. They said it has something to do with the ECO mode. I had a Charger with the ECO mode and never had this problem. Chrysler is not standing behind their cars either. DON'T GET THE DODGE JOURNEY SXT IT SUCKS.
At first I was very happy to get my new 2013 2 weeks ago. So much I like just driving EVERWHERE. Anyway, yesterday I noticed the front bumper cover coming off. I was able to snap it back into place and I took it to Dodge today. When I got to Dayton Andrews Dodge, I was quickly disappointed when I was told by Aaron in the body shop that this is a known issue with the front and back bumpers of the Journey and I can expect it to get worse. He refused to fix it. "Nothing to Fix". Really? Why? Doesn't Dodge know this isn't only a value issue, but a safety problem. Imagine this, driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour all of a sudden the front bumper cover comes off causing a "blow out" and causing an accident.